Monday, December 21, 2009


After seeing this produt recommended by another beauty blogger, I was so excited to try this out. I went online to and ordered the corrector tones pallet and anxiously awaited it's arrival. I ordered it back early November and it took about 2 weeks to arrival--which I suppose is to be expect this time of year, but I was getting so antsy! Fianlly it arrived and I couldn't wait to try it the next day. After I got my face all ready, washed, toned, moisturized I was ready to go!

 I applied it the first time with my small consealer brush. Then I used my fingers to warm the product and blend into the skin. It seemed no matter how I tried to apply it, it just wasn't blending into my skin. It was settling into my fine lines **Eeekkss!*** No one wants to see that!! I tried differnt application techniques, eye moisturizer, brushes, finger improvement. Very disappointed. Oh, by the way, I have normal to dry skin. Possibly this would work better for someone who has oily skin? I am not sure. I do have to compliment their green section though. This did a great job at consealing the redness around my nose. But is it worth $19.95 plus tax and shipping for this one color? Not to me.

If anyone has has had a different experience, please leave a comment.

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