Friday, February 26, 2010


One of my favorite bloggers, Annie, had a great post yesterday, February's Fab 5 for under $5! She challenged her readers to come up with their own list, so here's mine!

CVS Cleansing And Make-Up Remover Towelettes Refill Pack  I love these! They take everything away* (even water proof) and don't dry out my already dry skin! No scent--I like that! These particular ones don't have a exfoliating side, but I like that about these. They are really soft and feel nice.

I only buy these from Big Lots, where they are always $2!! I haven't ever gone in looking for them and not found them, but you may not be that lucky. If you can't find them there, you can find that at CVS for $5.99. I use these after wearing waterproof eye makeup, false lashes, or just early in the morning when my eyes are a little puffy! These really sooth the delicate eye skin.

You guys know I love my Cover Girl single shadows! Most of these are really pigmented and blend so nice! My favorite colors are champagne, brown smolder, and mink!!

Gotta love these eye lash curlers! For one buck? Come on!! They really do work awesome and always gives me the perfectly curled lash. Everyone should try these!

NYX lipglosses are great! Not sticky, nice and shiny, and the one in Natural, smells just like Bonnie Bell Cherry Chapstick!! Love it! I always have it in my purse! Also has an angled applicator for easy application!


annie said...

omg! i'm so honored that you did this!! yay!!! your post is full of awesomeness dollface!!! :)

love it. happy friday!

Kalmo said...

Great list! I love those Almay eye makeup remover pads but it looks like I need to head down to Big Lots to get the best deal, thanks for the heads up. I wish ELF was more easily available to buy in person instead of mostly online, would love to try out their eyelash curler.

Anonymous said...

I have purchased the Almay eye makeup remover and have enjoyed it very much. However, they are quite expensive in my area, about $10 CAD, so I dont really buy them eventhough I found them the most gentle on my eyes. I like that the product is specific to the eyes as they are the most sensitive part of the face and other remover wipes don't cater specifically to the eyes and can be harsh.