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I recently got an email from a follower asking me how to become an AVON representative. As I was writing it I thought it would be a good blog post as well. I tried to cover as much as I could think of, but please feel free to ask me questions about anything I may have left out!

Becoming an AVON rep is easy! You don't have to buy lots of products to get started either, unlike Mary Kay. You also only have to pay $10 to get started, I think MK is $100.

Basically, you order brochures bi-weekly (optional) and pass them out to family, friends, and anyone interested in AVON. They tell you what they want and you order it! When it comes in you put a package together (AVON has bags you can purchase for very cheap, or you can put your own bag together!) and you deliver the products to them and collect payment. **The more brochures you buy the cheaper they are. You can team up with other reps if you like to make a bigger order and spilt the cost**

You do not pay AVON anything until the next campaign!! You only pay them a fraction of what you sold! In your first 4 campaigns (unless it has changed) you make a 50% profit on everything you sell!! Most products you get a 20% or 40% discount!! So your clients pay you then you pay AVON and that is how you make money!

You can also sign up for your very own AVON web page! It's free as long as you have at least one online order for each campaign. If you don't have anyone use your web page to order, you will have to pay around $7 for it each campaign. As far as I know, this is a promotion which they keep extending!! So I hope they decide to just keep it this way!! Check out  my AVON wep page!

Also, with each campaign, even if you choose not to order brochures (I don't anymore, my customers like for me to put in their orders) you will get your Rep Brochure which you can order "Demos" for super cheap! These are usually upcoming products not available on the web page or brochures yet. For example, the AVON True Color Eyeshadow Quads I just blogged about are about $5.39 (I think!) in the brochure. I can buy those for $2.39! All the items in the Rep Brochure are full sized and doesn't just include makeup. It's skincare, makeup, clothing, jewelry, shoes, Curves items, all kinds of things!

In addition to the Rep Brochure you get with each order, you also get some other free brochures to pass out. You get the mini-brochures like "The Beautiful Look for Less" and other mini-brochures with products on sale or items being discontinued.

This is the last sneak peek I got! I got 10 of each sample with cards, not just the three shown here.

You can also sign up for the program that gives you sneak peaks of products to come. I don't remember the name of the program, but basically you sign up for it (you can stop it anytime you want) and AVON will send you items months before they hit the AVON market. In the last 8 months that I have been a rep, I have received three of these sneak peaks. They have been mostly skincare and fragrance. If for any reason you don't want what they have sent you, just send it back, you won't be charged. The last sneak peek I got was ANEW Reversalist Renewal Day Cream, ANEW Reversalist Illuminating Eye System, Eternal Magic fragrance, and promotional material and samples all for $35!! None of these products are out as of yet, so I can't give you regular prices for these, but I'm sure the day cream will be at least $30 alone. So you see you can try some excellent products for extremely low prices this way!!

AVON also delivers to you very fast! Campaigns are due by Thursday and at the latest (without incurring a late charge of $7) by Friday at noon EST. I usually put in my order Thursday afternoon and sometimes on Friday if I've been really busy and I always get my package on Tuesday!! I think I've only had one delivery come on Wednesday. So you can get the products to your clients very fast.

If someone doesn't want to wait for you to put in your order, which I'll explain a little more in a bit, they can always order from your AVON web page and get it delivered directly to their house very fast! Shipping small orders is usually around $3! Very reasonable! Why other companies can't be like this, I don't know! You can submit your order early if you like, but it won't come to you until the following Tuesday when the campaign ends. Also, once you submit your order, if you decide to go back and make another order, you will have to pay $7 for the additional package to be shipped. Quick note, if you do not put an order in (AND no one orders from your webpage for two consecutive campaign), you will no longer be an active representative! I think at that point, you would have to sign up again and pay another $10.

Depending on where you live, you should be able to find a group of other Reps and you'll probably have a Unit Leader. This is your contact person and someone who can help you out when first starting. They might having meetings you can go to if you like to connect with other reps, learn tips & tricks, and selling tips too! I've personally not taken advantage of this, so that's all I can really say about those. AVON reps are world wide, with some exceptions, click here to see a world map and get information.

Now let's talk about parties! A great way to make sales is to ask your friends and family to host an AVON party! These are always a lot of fun!!! Your host will bring their friends and family, supply any food or drinks and you just bring the fun! This is a great time to pull out those soon to come products for them to try. I like to do mani-pedi parties! It's fun and very inexpensive for you to supply. AVON''s rep page has lots of ideas to help you with other themes as well. Everyone at the party who wants to buy will pay you then. I prefer check or cash, but you can also accept credit cards as well. You will have to call each of those in, which I feel is a bit of a pain, but you can do that if you want. When the items come in, you take each person's order, all prettied up-stocked with some samples, brochures, invoice, thank you note, whatever.... and the host will make sure everyone gets their goodies! It's that easy!

I think this pretty much covers it! I know it's a lot, but I wanted to give you all as much info as possible if you are interested in becoming a AVON rep. It's a lot of fun and even if you are just buying things for yourself--which some campaigns that's what happens--it's worth it. If I have convinced you that AVON is right for you, I ask that you give my name to whom ever you speak with when you sign up, that you give them my name as who refered you. AVON knows me by my first name by the way! My name is Alicia Valadares. =)

Click here to become an AVON representative!!!!

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