Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I absolutely love to see how people are storing their beauty goods, so I thought I'd so one of my own. Noting too original here, but maybe it might help someone! So here goes! I've made my own litle crafty room, where I can do makeup, scrapbooking, reading, etc... Here's my makeup corner:
I like sitting in front of the window so I can get all that natural light to do my makeup with! Also, it's got a great view to my backyard with lots of pretty trees! Well, right now it's full of snow...yuck! I can't live without my lighted mirror!! Next to that is where I keep my palettes, most of which I think I've shown you. In the middle, I use a cute little shelf to stack my makeup brushes, a cute little container with q-tips & such, lotion, brush cleaner, and my liquid foundations. Next to that is a little tower of drawers and next to that more drawers, all l of which I will show you in detail!

I love storing my brushes this way! I got the idea from Tiffany D! I used plastic glasses I found at Walmart for $2 each. The filling is acually bean bag filling, which keeps the brushes standing up and also won't scratch the handles. I just tied some black ribbon on and super glued it in the back! I have them seperated by types. From left to right: Sigma face brushes, random brand brushes, and my Sigma Eye brushes. If you haven't tried Sigma brushes, I urge you to do so! You will love them! To read my Sigma brush review, click here!

Here's where I keep all my lippies and as you can see, sample lippies! Most of it is AVON. You can see my little MAC one in the front, but unfortunately, that's the one my daughter ate. There's very little left that I can only use with the lip brush. *tear* I have a few Cover Girl ones in here that are great as well.

Next drawer is lipgloss! My absolute favorite!!! Right now, my two favorites are CG's Amazemint gloss in Freedom of Peach and NYX's lipgloss in Natural. I have CG, AVON, ELF, Hard Candy, and Benefit.
Next drawer is blushes and bronzers! This drawer is getting pretty full! Will probably have to seperate these if I get anything else! I have Physicans Formula, Maybelline, AVON, Hard Candy, Almay, and Bare Escentuals. I haven't really been going into this drawer too much lately. You'll find out why if you keep reading!
Next drawer is extra brushes, faux beauty blender, extra pots, and powder puffs. Favorite thing in this drawer is definately my faux beauty blender. I don't actually remember what brand it is, I got it at Target for about $5.
This next drawer is also getting crowded! It's fill of jumbo eye pencils, eye liners & mascaras! Again, I don't go into this too much. I am still teaching myself to use most of these pencils! Also, I tend to forget about this drawer! I've got stuff from NYX, AVON, Elf, and Mark. This is it for the little drawers on my desk. Next, let's go to the drawers sitting on top of the larger drawers.

I keep my Sigma brush roll in here and extra sponges. I can't reach this drawer too well when I'm siting in the chair, so I wanted to put things in here I wouldn't need to reach for often.
The next drawer is all my little AVON samples, cards, and baggies. =)
This drawer holds lots of little tools that I don't reach for too much, but want to keep handy. Can you believe that little pink mirror is what I used to put makeup on with?! False eye lashes, lash curler, little sissors, nail clippers, tweezers and such. Go into this drawer maybe once a week of so.
This next set of three drawers are the most accessable, so I wanted to put things in here that I use alot. This first one is sort of my "go to" drawer. I don't wear everything in here everyday, but these are my favorite things that I use about every other day or so. I love my NARS blush, Almay loose powder, Physicians Formula consealer, AVON's primer, Urban Decay Priming Potion, AVON SpectraLash mascara, ELF eye lash curlers, etc...
I keep all my small palettes and single eye shadows in here. I have loads of those Cover Girl single shadows, love those! Several AVON quads (More to come soon!), some loose mineral shadows by AVON, ELF and Mark cream shadows, and Physicians Formula shimmer stripe, which can also be bronzer! Since getting my 88 warm palette, I haven't gone in here too much, but there's some gems in here!
In the last drawer I keep non liquid foundations; AVON Smooth minerals, Bare Escentuals foundations and Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. I also have some smaller palettes in here. I have one from ELF (that I still need to review!), Too Faced, and Mark Flip it (which I also still need to review)! I don't go into this as often as I used to but it's got some goodies for sure! Now let's go to the big drawers! Not makeup, but other beauty treasures!
Hair stuff! Brushes, Sprays, curling irons, flat irons, bobby pins and such. I go into this everyday!
This is where I keep all my facial skin care items. Mostly AVON and a few drug store items. I'll be doing a review on my skin care regimen soon! So check back for more on that! Notice, I keep all my facial clothes and pads upside down. Do this so all the excess moisture will be on the first one you pull out!! Just one more drawer to go!
This is all my nail stuff! Polishes, tools, removers, cotton pads and such. I'll have to do a whole post on the stuff in here! I've some some awesome stuff in here!!! I don't paint my finger nails too much, but my toesies are always painted!! Polish stays on my toes very well, but not so much on my fingers. Also, I'm not great at painting my own hands!! And I always smear it! Guess I need more practice!!

So that's pretty much it! I've also got a tall bookshelf, not pictured, with beauty books, jewerly, fragrance, lotions and the like. Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing that as well. Have a great day and keep coming back for more! As always, please leave me lovely comments!

FTC Discloser:Products mentioned in this post were purchased by me and I am in no way affiliated with any brands or companies mentioned; other than being an AVON independant sales representative.


Make-up is a girls best friend said...

WOW! That is some makeup organization! And collection!

I am so going to use your makeup organization as inspiration when I move into my own place :)

ndoodles said...

I love reading about people's organization of make up. Yours is def. neat and nice!! I love it. I love your brushes the most though.

Beautygirl24 said...

Wow, you are so organized! I loooove your setup! And your collection is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us ;)

Foxy Frangipani said...

Your makeup corner is very NEAT! :)

I like Avon products too. Have you tried their Advanced Retexturizing Peel?

Foxy Frangipani said...

oops sorry hehe i've just read yr reviews on the avon peel...

i'm yr new follower :)

Kalmo said...

Wow great collection! Thanks for sharing, everything is so neat and organized.

Suzanna said...

Hey! I love this post, i am the exact same way, about make up and about everything else in my place :)anyways,your Blog is Fab! im def following :)just showing some love on your page I'm a newbie blogger at http://suzannamansour.blogspot.com and you can follow me on twitter if you have that too https://twitter.com/Suzanna_Mansour
XoXo, Suzanna

Gabriela said...

I love the way you store your brushes.

GenieInBottle said...

you make me feel bad about myself (i just throw my make up into a box... but my make-up collection isn't very large so i gees it's OK.)
great orgnization!

Coach Factory said...
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Coach Factory said...
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