Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Honeycat Cosmetics is a fun brand based out of New York. They have a flirty feline inspired line of bath & body products as well as cosmetics. I was sent the products pictured above for review. From left to right, Rub My Tummy Milk & Honey Body Cream, Sweet Potato Pie Bubble Stuff, and Hiss Good Night Pink Peppermint Lipgloss.

I was most excited about the Sweet Potato Pie Bubble Stuff!! I don't usually take baths, but I was glad to when I knew I was going to try this! It doesn't have a strong scent, which I like. It's just nice and gentle, and doesn't linger. Some of you might like that and other won't. But for me, I'd rather smell like my scented lotion or perfume. This makes loads of bubbles and makes the water feel so silky! I have had one bath myself with this and my girls have had about three--and I am still at half a bottle! A lot of bubble baths dry out my already dry skin, but not this one.

I absolutley <3 the packaging for the Hiss Good Night Pink Peppermint Lipgloss! How cute is all their packaging really? I thought since peppermint was in the name, this must have peppermint in it. Nope! So I was a little disappointed. Also, the color is very pink in the tube. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it doesn't look like that on the lips. It sheers out quite a bit and gives a nice pink sheen. I also thought it would be very sparkely--wrong again! It does have some, but not over the top. You could wear this easily out, maybe not to work, but running around the weekends and such. I also really like the applicator, it's like a brush, not the felt kind. This goes on smooth and even as well. I tried taking a picture of my lips for ya, but those never come out well for me! Sorry! You can see it on the beautiful Kate Gene  by going to her amazing page and reading her review on some Honeycat items!

Lastly, the Rub My Tummy Milk & Honey Body Cream! What a fun name right? They are so clever there at Honeycat! I just had three small samples of this and I'm such a scrooge, I've only used one so far. It's a nice light, but not too light or watery, lotion. I thought it would a lot thicker since  it's a body cream, but it does the trick! It  absorbs fast into my dry skin and keeps it moisturized for hours.

Of all three products, I'd have to say hands down my favorite is the ss Good Night Pink Peppermint Lipgloss! I would love to see Honeycat come out with more colors and even add real peppermint to it as well! I love that minty tingle in a gloss! In the future, I'd love to get my paws on some Calypso Kitty Moisturizing Tropical Scrub!

If you haven't visited the Honeycat website, you should! Right now! It's too cute. I love the girl cat in the bubblebath and towel on her head! It's adorable! It's even got cute music playing! I think anyting from this webpage would be such a great girly gift for any of your friends. Who wouldn't want to get this as a gift?

 Forget putting this in my bath, I want to eat this it looks so good!

I can only assume this is Ms. Terry, creater and developer of Honeycat. I can also only assume that this chic, sexy line in inspired by Terry herself! All and all, I just think this is a great line which I will be purchasing things from for myself, friends, and family! It's not just cute packaging and catchy names, I really think the products I have tried so far have been great and I look forward to sharing more Honeycat reviews with you all in the future!
FTC Disclosure: Products were sent from a company for review. I am not affiliated with the company and not paid to write the review. These are my honest thoughts.


Halifax said...

Cute packaging and product concept, make it more fun to use. Thanks for the review

Kalmo said...

This line has such cute packaging and the scents sound amazing. :) Thanks for the review.

Sarbeauty said...

love the packaging! looks great! great post x

NV Beauty said...

They are fun! You've got to try that lip gloss guys, I'm tellin' you! =)

Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

What a cutie pie of a brand!! I might give it a go after my spending ban!

annie said...

omg the packaging... is... to DIE!!! great review! xox

Gabriela said...

The packaging is so cute!!!!