Thursday, March 25, 2010


"The 10 best shades for spring, all-in-one limited-edition compact!"
Mark says "For spring's hottest looks, it doesn't get better than this! A unique "flipping" inner component holds three lip glosses and three triple use color creams (formulated for eyes, cheeks and lips!) on one side, three eye shadows and a universally flattering bronzer on the other."

I saw this and thought, what a cute idea! I was excited to play with this when it came! It is a little hard to "flip" because I kept putting my fingers in either powder or gloss! Now that I have played with it for a while, I've got the hang of it, but I still think they could make it a little easier.

One thing I think is funny is that I bought this several months ago and it was marketed as "this fall's hottest looks"!! Anywho...still reallly like this compact, for anytime.

Bottom row, lip glosses: Sigh, Strut and Primp
Top row, triple use color creams: Ruffle, Vanity and Amped
(Swatches below in same order as shown in the compact)

I haven't actually got around to using the triple use colors creams anywhere but on my lips. But they are lovely shades! I thought Strut was going to be way too bold for me, even though it is a gloss, but the color is really nice! Sign and Primp look more sheer on me, but still better than a naked lip! These stay on pretty well and go on really smooth, like I would expect any gloss to do. Watch out when kissing or eating, these won't hold up through all that!! ;)

Top row, eyeshadows: Ruffle, Vanity and Amped
Bottom, bronzer: Pro Golden
(Swatches below in same order as shown in the compact)

As you can see, the eyeshadows don't have much pigmentation to them. (I always use primer for my swatches.) So, that was pretty disappointing. They are also very soft, so be aware of fallout ahead. I do like the bronzer quite a bit though. It's a nice color for my complexion and just a hint of shimmer.

Here's a look from this palette:

Pretty hard to tell I've got anyting on at all, huh? Perhaps I should try foiling the shadows. I will try that sometime and let you know how that works out. I think this palette is cool in concept, but didn't live up to my expectations. This would probably be great for someone who doesn't like bold looks or just beginning. It sells for $20 on ebay as well as with Mark. There are other versions of this as well. You can check them out here! Some are on sale for $5.99--which it what I would expect to pay for this quality of product.

If foiling works out, I would totatally take this on a weekend away and would also consider buying other Flip for It's. Would anyone be interested in this as a give-a-way item? Please let me know what you think. I'd love to see what someone else, probably with more skills than me!, can do with it.

FTC Discloser: I am an AVON Representative. I purchased these products at a discount rate. I am not paid by AVON, or anyone else, to write this review. All opinions are mine.



Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

my sister has one of these, but its the eyeshadow and lip combo one. The eyeshadows have decent pigmentation on her, but she has different colours, so maybe that palette is a little better overall. But this one has nice colours!

Forgetful Girl said...

I wish the Mark line was available over here in the UK. We have Colour Trend by Avon, but that's pants. Mark looks like a really good line for young people...

Kalmo said...

Thanks for the helpful review and swatches, the idea is very cool but I wish they were more pigmented like you said. ^^

NV Beauty said...

@Obsessed-Which one does she have? I really liked the colors in the Sydney Flip for It, but it's already sold out!

@Forgetful-Pants? I take it that means it's not good?? =)

@Kalmo-yes, the pigmentation was disappointing, but perhaps other Flip for It's are better. We'll see!

Anonymous said...

I would have liked to try this cute kit, but I decided against it in the last minute of ordering. I've been disappointed by make up from Mark a few times and it turned me off a little. That being said, I -adore- a lot of the perfume and clothes :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. And of course, all those Mark models look gorgeous while modeling the makeup :P how do they rock it so well?

p.p.s. follow me? :)