Monday, March 22, 2010


I received this amazing palette from Sedona Lace to review about a week ago and I've had some time to play and was anxious to fill you all in. This palette has such a great range of neutral colors as well as it's fair share of "out there" bright colors. It's got the best of both worlds if you ask me! I have the 28 Neutral Palette as well as the 88 Warm. I don't have the 120 palette, but I've seen many reviews and swatches and would call this 88 Matte Palette and hybrid of the 120 palette and 88 warm pallete.

If you are like me, you love your neutral colors but are craving more color in your collection, but 120 "out there colors" really won't fit into your style, then you have to try this 88 matte palette! I'm so glad to have this in my collection. There are, I admit, a few colors in here that are anything but matte, but the majority of the colors are a great matte finish. The pigmentation of  99% of these are fab! I always wear Urban Decay Eye Priming Potion, so I suppose if you don't use a primer, colors may not be as vibrant. So let's get to the pictures already!!!

Left to right: You've got some awesome highlight and brown colors in the first two rows! Then the middle rows give you a pretty good array of colors to play with; greens, blues, purples, pinks, and oranges. The last two rows are your great darker neutrals, golds, grays. and toupes. Here's some that I swatched:
Did I mention that I am loving these colors?? I do all my swatches with primer, so keep that in mind. As you can see, the silver colors are shimmery, not matte, but still gorgeous!! SO many colors combinations, endless possibilities!!!! Here's my first look from this palette:

This is not a typical look for me by any means, but I wanted to branch out a bit and have some fun!! I first saw this look on youtube from many of my favorite gurus (RenRen, Makeup Geek, Tiffany D, etc...) I don't have their skills, but here's my attempt. =p

Here's the colors I used. I used the top row of colors in exactly the same order on my eye lid. The light purple in the second row was in my crease to blend and I used the light pink one next to that as a highlight!!! I also put some of the bright pink and darkest purple on the outer part of my bottom lashes for some extra pop! Wuhu!! I could have made this look much brighter, but I'm taking baby steps!! Whatda think?

FTC Disclosure: Products were sent from a company for review. I am not affiliated with the company and not paid to write the review. These are my honest thoughts.


Sarbeauty said...

This one looks great :) have been thinking about getting one of these for a while but was never too sure that i would use all the colours, but this one looks alot better..

thanks for review :) x

NV Beauty said...

Thanks! Yes, like I said before, this is great if you really like neutrals but also want to start playing with colors. =) My package came from Sedona lace within about three days and it was super bubble wrapped so nothing was broken!

Gabriela said...

The palette is gorgeous. It`s pretty similar to Coastal scents palette but the colours are different. I also like the look, I love purples :)