Thursday, April 8, 2010


The talented Ms. Kim Porter from makeupbykim-porter just gave me my second blog award! =D Kim is also having an amazing give-a-way right now, so you should go check it out! The link is in my sidebar.

1. Post the logo in your blog post.
2. Pass the award onto 15 fellow bloggers
3. Let the recipients know they've received an award by commenting on their blog.
4.. Share the love & link to the person who sent you the award.

I am passing this cute award onto these lovely bloggers:


Nikki said...

Hey Nicole!
Thanks for the blog award. You're so sweet <3

Hope youre having a wonderful week so far :)


Get Gawjus! said...

aww so sweet of you gurlie! :) Thanks a tonne!

lovelyviolet5 said...

Congrats on your award doll!!!Well deserved!!!

Nicole said...

You're welcome ladies!

@Lovelyviolet5, thanks so much! =)

Kalmo said...

Congratulations on the blog award. :)