Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Foot Works Invisible Silicone Sock Cream

"Provides all-day moisturization. Hydrating cream forms an invisible sock-like layer that locks in moisture. 3.4 fl . oz."

 I will spare you the picture, but my heels are very dry and cracked. I put lotion on them all the time, use a pumice stone on them daily and they are still a hot mess! So I pulled out this silicone sock cream in hopes to see some improvment. I've been using it for just a few days (I've used it before, can't remember why I put it away!) and my heels are doing much better already. I've been putting in on at night and in the morning. They are a long way away from healthy, beautiful feet, but they are getting there!!

I was hoping to order more from AVON this week, but it's not available right now!! Ahhhhhhh!!! I need more! Don't you hate when companies are out of your favorite products? Hopefully they will stock up and start selling it again. It comes in a 3.4 fl oz tube and a little really goes a long way! I can't rememeber how much I paid, but I doubt it's more than $6 and worth every penny!

What miricle creams have you found? Any suggestions for me?
Until next time, Stay NV'ious!

FTC Discloser: I am an AVON Representative. I purchased these products at a discount rate. I am not paid by AVON, or anyone else, to write this review. All opinions are mine.

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lovelyviolet5 said...

Love foot works!!I have the one with the sugar and vanilia!!!