Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I saw this on maylovesmakeup and thought it looked fun! So here goes!
The Rules:
The rules are - share 12 things you like, one love and 8 hates then tag 3 blogs to do the tag!

My Likes:
Finding a good match for foundation
Long, thick eye lashes
A fresh mani/pedi
Yummy parfumes
Soap & Glory body products
MAC eyeshadows
CoverGirl Amazemint Lipgloss in Freedom of Peach
88 Warm Palette
Benefit's Erase Paste
Urban Decay Eye Priming Potion
AVON products
Moisturized skin from head to toe

My love:
My Sigma Makeup Brush Set

My hates:
Dry, flaky and uneven skin
Under eye circles & bags
Looking in the mirror 3 hours after I put on makeup and finding it's all gone
Clumpy mascara
Watery eyes!
Chipped nails
Cracked heels
Too skinny eyebrows/drawn on eyebrows

I can't pick three blogs, so I am tagging all of you! Hope you thought this was fun and leave a link in the comments so I can read your Likes, Love, and Hates!

Until Next time, Stay NV'ious!

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