Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hello my NV'ious beauties! Sorry I have been MIA lately! I've been getting ready to start my new job, which I did today! I'm home very quickly for lunch but wanted to drop in for a minute. I've got all the goodies for my contest winners all packaged up and I just need to get by the post office for stamps to send them out. Sorry it's taking me a while to get them to you. I have been able to read a few of your posts, but will catch up for sure when I get some time off next week!

Until then, Stay NV'ious!


Beautygirl24 said...

congrats on the new job!

Suzanna said...

congrats on the new job, I have been MIA too!! work is a killer :)

xxx suzanna

Halifax said...

That's awesome, let us know how the new job go. Congrats!

Nicole said...

So far, it's going great! Everyone is super nice and it's pretty interesting so far. =)