Friday, June 25, 2010


Here are latest entries for my "Sedona Lace your Face" contest!

This is my makeup creation. I was inspired by the colors reflected in the clouds and how the gradually change. I used a matte yellow with a mermaid yellow dusted over it for the base color. Then I added a pearl zest orange shadow, a very pink pearl shadow and a light pearl purple shadow. I have a bit of shadow and very bright pink lip color.

Obviously I did the same color scheme... I tried not to blend the orange at all because I wanted to keep it more defined, since it's rock as opposed to the other colors that represent sky or air. I also used some glitter on top to represent the shadows on the rock.

The blush is a matte orange, and I kept it pretty sharp, again to represent the rocks. I used a bright orange gloss but it didn't end up looking orange in the end. I dabbed the glitter on my lips as well.

Don't forget to make time to create your entry! Submissions due by June 27th, midnight EST!!!


Lily said...

This is another look I made :D

Katy said...

wow! i love both of the looks:)the colours really shows like the rocks (based on your picture of the blog post):)