Monday, June 14, 2010


If you read my blog regularly, like you know you should ;), then you'll remember that I got some Too Faced Tanning Bed in a a Tube a while back! It didn't turn out so well for me, so I returned it and got some Laura Mercier foundation. The makeup artist there matched me with Sunny Beige!! I'm always Fair or Light in all foundations, so I couldn't believe that this is my color! I know it's just a name, but I was happy!  Wow! I obviously didn't get the Revlon powder blush at Sephora, but I wanted to go ahead and review it along with this foundation.

"Oil Free Foundation
This highly pigmented foundation can be applied lightly for a sheer finish, or layered for fuller coverage. Each shade was designed to enhance the natural undertones of the skin. Ideal for all skin types. "

For $42 for 1 ounce, this better be good! I have read pretty good reviews on this foundation, so I was ready to give it a go when the makeup artist suggested this foundation for my dry skin. Again, I was super excited to wear Sunny Beige, which is a warm yellow beige, for fair to light complexions. It comes with a pump---yeah!! So here's the consistency:

As you can see, it's a bit runny, but I think this helps you apply it pretty sheer if you like. You can also build it up in areas you need more coverage. For me, I need major coverage under/around my eyes! Here's my naked face, in case you missed it last time I reviewed a foundation! Be prepared, it's not pretty!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Bring on the foundation!!

I love to use my Sedona Lace foundation brush in the areas I really need coverage! Then I like to blend the rest out on my face with my fingers.

So here I am with my foundation and blush on! You can see that I still need some more coverage under my eyes, but I know my Benefit Erase Paste can take care of this! But I think the foundation gives a pretty nice coverage without looking like I'm wearing any. It feels very light too, which I love. You have a small window of time to really spread this on, so using my hands to warm the foundation gives me a little bit more time to perfect it!

I love this blush! The color is Smokey Rose and it's so pretty! The pigmentation is decent, especially since I only paid $4!  But I think next time I'll spend more to get something more pigmented, like my NARS blush in Orgasm. Also, the packaging is SUPER hard to open!! Perhaps it will get easier the more I use it?? Two thumbs down for hard to open packaging! Here's a close up of the blush:

FTC Disclosure: I purchased these items with my own money. I was not paid to write this review. I am not affiliated with any companies mentioned in this post.


Makeup by Kim Porter said...

you can't even tell you have foundation on!

Juli said...

Wow - looks like it's worked nicely. I can't tell you have makeup on. By the way, I didn't know that you can return makeup items that are used but don't work on you...?

ndoodles said...

Foundation looks so nice on you! And yeah, Revlon blushes are not the best...

Blushingloves said...

Foundation looks gorgeous!!

Keren, rhymes w/ Heron said...

We have a very similar skin tone and both have blue eyes! I might have to try this foundation. haha.

My sister is OBSESSED with Laura Mercier, but she also makes a lot more money than poor old graduate student me.

Loving the blog, come visit me sometime.