Sunday, July 4, 2010


I know you all have been waiting for this announcement! Sorry it took me a while to decide. There were just SO many amazing entries! Thank you to everyone who entered. It really made me happy to see so many of you took the time to really put something so beautiful and creative together for my contest!!

In first place is Silhouette Screams! She has won the 12 pc Baby Pink Brush set from Sedona Lace!! This was the first entry I got and I was just blown away with her creativity! I really expected to see amazing eyes from the participates, but she really blew me away with the contoured cheek and gorgeous lips! LOVE it!!

In second place is Heather from Eyeconic Makeup! She won the 28 Neutral Palette from Sedona Lace, purchased by moi! I really love this bold look and felt it really embodied the inspiration!

Thanks again to Jason at Sedona Lace for sponsoring this contest! Girls, email me your mailing addresses and I'll get your items sent to you!

Don't forget to enter my AVON Give-a-way!!


SilhouetteScreams said...

OMG YAY :O and YAY I love Heather :)

Thanks so much, I'll get to emailing you now :)

Heather / Eyeconic said...

YIPPEE :D I am so glad SilhouetteScreams got first place :D I just showed my little sister and she said she really liked the lips in the look, heehee. And yay I got second! Thank you so much Nicole, I'm emailing you now!

MartianDelights said...

Yeah girls ! Well done ! x

Sparklz and Shine said...

Well Done both of you!
It's quite hard to enter a competition when you see what is clearly a winning look already up there. :)

mary said...

Great job ladies, very creative!