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"Azure Naturale is a woman owned business, born out of a sheer desire to create a more natural approach to beauty. With so many products on the market containing potentially harmful ingredients, I became more aware of the composition of skin products and their effects. Sheer determination and a passion to create the perfect beauty products led to the launch of Azure in 2002."

I am always excited to try more natural body products so I was very excited to try Azure Naturale. So imagine my excitement to open a lovely package with lots of goodies! The first thing I tried was the body butter in Hula Girl:

"This incredible cream will leave your skin feeling ultra moisturized and soft as silk! Lighter in texture than our body butter bars but just as moisturizing. Smooth on after showering for best results. This body cream is made with cocoa butter, shea butter and other skin loving oils to leave your body feeling baby soft. "

It smells very sweet and girly. It's a nice, but not too thick, body butter. It is quickly absorbed and leaves my skin so soft and the scent really lasts for quite a while. This is a 4oz bottle and it's lasted me for weeks and I still have loads more---a little goes a long way. I mostly put this on my arms and elbows. It's just $11 and you can find it the the NV Beauty Boutique!

The next product is the Mediterranean Jasmine Butter Bar:

"Our Body Butter Bars are solid bars made from the finest African Shea Butter in the world. Don't be fooled by water based creams claiming to be a "butter".  These intensely moisturizing bars are highly concentrated forms of natural Abanga Karite Shea, creamy cocoa butter and other skin loving oils.
We have specially formulated this product to optimize skin's elasticity and appearance.  Shea's natural healing properties nourish and renew dehydrated skin making this the ultimate dry skin treatment. Perfect to use on cuticles, cracked heels and elbows.  Comes packaged in a handy twist tube that fits perfect in your purse."

This is fantastic for the dry skin on my elbows, knees, and heels!! I love to put this on after a warm shower before bed. It is a little sticky, so I only put it on at night. It smells lovely and even the hubby likes the scent! **He complains about my Heeltastic!!** I can see why this is their number one seller! There are 4 different scents and I'd love to try another one when I get done with this one...which will probably take forever!! This sells for $14 in the NV Beauty Boutique!

Ok, so there are parabens in these items and that might alarm some people. Judi, from Azure Naturale sent me some links regarding parabens. Anyone who is interested should check them out!

Link #1--I found this one the easiest to read.
Link #2
Link #3

Have you all tried this? What are your thoughts?

Who's entering my "Sedona Lace your Halloween Face" contest?

FTC Disclosure: I was sent this for review. I was not paid to write this review. This is my honest opinion.

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Amy Marie said...

The butter bar seems amazing for knees and elbows!! I need this for the dry winter eather!!