Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Several months ago I was sent some products from Premier USA and I was very excited to try! When I turned 30 I decided it was time to get hardcore about taking care of my skin. I've got some fine lines around my eyes and beginnings of some serious 11's. Don't know what 11's are? Keep reading....

You know when you squint your eye and those two lines appear on your forehead? You know, right between your brows. Those are 11's!! If you aren't careful, after you stop squinting, those lines will stay!!

I'm not into getting Botox, so I thought I'd see if BIOX could give me the results I am looking for. My 11's aren't too severe, but I'd like to keep them from getting worse. Now, when I squint **and I really try not to** I've got the full blown 11's going on. When I relax, the mostly go away. I wasn't expecting them to go away completely, but I don't want them to get worse!! 

Here's what Premier was kind enough to send me:

"BIOX Intensive Anti-Age Serum generates a long lasting anti-wrinkle effect. Ordinary day-to-day and/or emotional face movements mark the skin with lines of varying depth known as expression lines."

"BIOX Intensive Anti-Age Complex is a non-surgical and affordable alternative to cosmetic procedures and/or injections."

You can read more about these products by clicking on the links above.

Here's the consistency of each product:

On clean skin, I applied the Intensive Age Treatment Cream/Anti-Age Complex and massaged it in until absorbed. I let it sit for a minute or two then apply the Intensive Anti-Age Serum to where my 11's are and then smooth the excess all over my forehead. I do this twice a day.

I only need half a pump of the serum, which is awesome. I love that it's in a pump as well. I feel it's the most sanitary way to use face products. It's a glass bottle too, which I love. The cream is in a glass jar, which is nice, but I would prefer a pump. I have been using these products twice a day ((most days!!)) for the past two and half months. I still have product left to use!!

These products are for all skins types, but I have normal to dry skin. There are also many other products that Premier offers to go along with these two. They sent me little samples of some of them. They're so adorable! I didn't take picture of them, but they are in little lip gloss looking tubes with the slanted tip---you know the ones I'm talking about. They are fantastic for travel or throwing in your gym bag. I don't know if you can buy those or not.

My results: Not dramatic, but my 11's aren't that bad--as I said before. When my face is relaxed, you can only see my 11's if you get right up in my face. They don't show up in photos really, at least, not with my camera. I had wanted to take pictures each week to see if I could track improvement. I can't say that I really see a difference. They certainly have not become worse, so I'm counting this as a success. These products make my dry skin really soft and never feel heavy on my skin like some other companies products do.

Oh! I forgot to mention the scent!! The serum smells warm--if that makes any sense. It's very subtle, but I like it. The cream doesn't really smell like anything to me.

The only thing that I don't like about these products are the price. At $249 each, it's not in my price range. But for those of you who can, I would recommend that you check out Premier's BIOX line. You can buy products individually or in packages to save some money.

Have you all used BIOX before? Purchased from Premier before? I found their packing to be wonderful. Everything was wrapped up nicely and put in the cutest red bag with gold lettering. They included these full sized products, little samples, and a face cloth. I thought it was presented very well!

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FTC Disclosure: I was sent these products for review. This is my honest opinion. I am not affiliated with Premier or BIOX. I was not paid to write this review.

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