Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So I'm finally  back with another review! Something is up with my laptop so I have to hit up the old desk top for now. Boo...but moving on...

I'm sure you all have seen this alot before, but I'm gonna go ahead and talk about it anyway! I wanted this because I can't my mitts on the infamous NAKED palette yet and I hear this is a decent dupe for several colors. Check it out:

Upon the first look, I really liked all the colors in the palette. For some reason in this picture, #5 looks super orange--it's not. The swatch shows the colors much better.

#1-Light creamy color, doesn't really show up on my skin. Is good for me for highlight. Matte.
#2. Nice taupe color. Matte.
#3. Dark brown. Matte
#4. Champagne color. Shimmer.
#5. Bronze color. Metallic.
#6. Dark brown, with red-undertone. Shimmer/Glitter.
#7. Pinkish Gold. Shimmer/Glitter
#8.Yellow Gold/ Shimmer/Metallic
#9.Goldish brown. Shimmer/Glitter

Ok, so #1-3 are a bit chalky and dry. Too bad, they are really great daily colors. They will work on my lids, but aren't as nice as the rest of the palette. The rest of the colors are really soft and almost creamy. The are finely milled, so beware of fallout! I really like all of these colors and though I don't have the NAKED palette, this is enough to tide me over...for now!

Here's the lip glosses hidden in the bottom on the palette:

Again, sorry the color isn't proper! The swatches came out better.

I'm not super excited about these glosses. As you can see, the coverage (even though it's gloss) is kinda weird. My lips aren't dry at all right now, but it seemed like it didn't want to "hang on" to parts of my lips. Hmmm... Perhaps these will work fab on top of a lipstick--but for me, that kinda ruins the idea of being able to take this palette along for a "complete" look.

There's also two travel brushes packed with the glosses in the bottom. I haven't used the eyeshadow one, but the gloss brush is alright.

Overall...I think this is a good palette for $7. I will def pick up the NAKED palette as soon as I can. Do you have either of these?

FTC Disclosure: I paid for this with my own money. I am not paid to write reviews, this is my honest opinion.


ndoodles said...

I really like that eye look on you :D That palette seems like something I'd totally get just because I love neutrals. However, I feel like I already have most of those colors so I'll probably pass on this one.

Miss Krimson said...

I agree with ndoodles. very nice though
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Katie said...

I have the Naked palette and I adore it. I think this is a good pick if you can't get your hands on it but if I had to choose, Naked wins! The shadows are perfect (as far as consistency, wear and texture) and they coordinate perfectly with each other. For some reason, I get turned off when I see lip colors in an eye shadow palette.

Nicole said...

Thanks ladies. I do like it, but for sure want the NAKED palette!! My Sephora isn't scheduled to get it until 2011!! I'm going to check with my neighbor (who is a manager at Ulta) to see if she's getting it sooner and can hook me up with a discount!! =D

spifftiff88 said...

This looks pretty good but I want the Naked palette too! $7 is awesome though so I'll check this out, thanks for review :)

Beautygirl24 said...

This looks very pretty! A great alternative to those who haven't been able to find the Naked Palette. Not like I need anymore palettes myself though ;)

Coach Factory said...
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Coach Factory said...
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