Sunday, November 7, 2010


"Natural & Organic skin care inspired by the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. Retreat to your own tropical isle. Connect with nature and experience Kohana Skin."

I was recently asked to try Kohana bath & beauty products. I love to pamper myself, so of course I said yes! Pictured above is a gift set available from Kohana. I was eager to take a peek at what was inside!

Isn't this adorable? My eyes just lite up!I couldn't wait to open each one and see the textures and smell the scents! It's going to take me a while to review each of these, so this review will be in parts! I didn't want to wait until I tried each one because I wanted to go ahead and share this with you!

Here's what all the tops of the jars look like:

So pretty! I love it! This is the same picture on the brochure founder Christie Wanlass sent me. I think it's gorgeous! So the first goodies I decided to try were the Wild Ginger Alaca Salt Scrub & the Wild Ginger Tropical Moisture Creme.

Here's a close look at the texture of those:

Let me tell you....the wild ginger alaca salt scrub smells amazing and felt so good on my skin! It wasn't too rough but still felt like it was exfoliating my skin. The scent is quite strong, but I love the way it smells. The scrub did seem to just melt into my skin and left it feeling so soft! I really didn't even feel like I needed to use any moisturizer when I got out of the shower because this left my skin so soft. I really didn't expect to like this product as much as I like my beloved Soap & Glory body polish---but I love it even more!!

After I got out of my warm shower, I slathered (yes, slathered) my elbows/knees/and legs with the wild ginger tropical moisture creme! I spread the excess on the rest of my body. The texture of this creme isn't to heavy, but isn't one of those lotions you put on and feel like you are just spreading something thicker than water on your skin. It sunk in quickly and smelled so nice.The scent is really nice and stays on for quite some time.

I can't wait to try the others but it's going to take me a while to get through all these!! If you are interested in Kohana products for yourself or as a gift, please check out the NV Beauty Boutique!

FTC Disclosure: I was sent this for review. I was not paid to write this. This is my honest opinion.


Miss ♥ Nikka said...

These products looks so good! Is the ginger smell overpowering?

Kohana said...

Just thought I would offer some information to Miss Nikka since I formulated the scent blend for the Wild Ginger Kohana Skin products. Nicole can tell you whether or not she felt the scent was too strong. However, rarely will you find that products scented with essential oils rather than synthetic fragrance oils to be overpowering. This particular scent blend was created from a fresh ginger oil that smells just like freshly cut gingermroot and it has been blended with two different types of organic lime oils, so it has nice citrus scent.

Nicole said...

I think the scent is amazing...I do not find it to be overpowering at all. While the scent does linger, it's very gentle! I love it!

spifftiff88 said...

This looks so great! Love that artwork too!

SJCreationsInc said...

Oooh I love the artwork on top of the glass jar! So beautiful!