Monday, December 13, 2010


I love finding ELF products at Target! Especially when I find something like this deal! I got all four of these duo's for $3 or $5---sorry I can't remember! It was a while ago I picked these  up, so forgive me! They came packaged together as a set. All of these shades are pretty neutral, so you know I love that!

I think the names of these are a bit odd--the first two are on the top are called basic quad 2 & 4,'s obvious these are duos, not quads! So maybe these were once part of another collection?? I have no idea. But nonetheless, I really like these! On to the swatches:

The pigmentation is pretty good. These are not creamy, like Urban Decay or the like, but they are pretty amazing for the price! I love Basic Quad 2 the most!! Here's some looks I've done with these so far: (First one is the picture from my HairDo, part two post)

Basic Quad 4

Did anyone else snatch these up? I think they'd be a great stocking stuffer for that makeup lover in your life! Or a treat for yourself!

Winners of my One Year of NV'ious Beauty give-a-way announced soon!

FTC Disclosure: I purchased this with my own money. I was not paid to write this. I am not affiliated with ELF.


samwells87 said...

Hey - I really enjoyed reading this post. I am keen to purchase my first item of ELF make up. Is there anything you would recommend? xx

Saimese said...

I like the bottom 4 swatches. Pretty!

Nicole said...

@samwells87, I really like these duos, of course! I also really like their eyelash curlers, the one for $1!! I have their smokey eye quad too---I reviewed it on my blog also. I have a few lip glosses that I really like also--but other than that, I haven't tried much else. I would love to get some of their blushes though!

@Saimese, I like those too. The top one is pretty, but my picture doesn't show if very well!!

angelpumpkin said...

I've never tried ELF - looks like really fab makeup though - will have to check it out - esp for the $$.

Nicole said...

@angelpumpkin, Yes, for the money,you really will be hard pressed to beat it! Of course, there are some duds in this line, as there are in all lines. Let me know if you try any!