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Here's a quick peek at my most loved products from 2010. Most of them were featured on my blog. I filmed a video for these, but I accidentally deleted it!!!! So before it gets too far into 2011, here's my favorites list! I have high end as well as drug store favorites, but not necessarily in all categories.


Drug Store
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
Even though this is supposed to be for oily/normal skin folks, I found myself reaching for this all the time! I went through two of these last year. That's pretty good since I usually just keep trying different ones---I tried LOTS in 2010. I have to exfoliate well before wearing, otherwise it can show dry patches, but when my skin is behaving, this is my favorite drug store foundation!

High End
Laura Mercier Liquid Foundation
This was my favorite liquid foundation by far! The coverage is nice, but doesn't feel like a mask. This is also moisturizing on my dry skin! My shade this summer was sunny beige. I need to pick up another bottle in a lighter shade. I love this one!


Drug Store
Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer
This is the best drug store concealer I tried in 2010. Though I have to say, I didn't really try that many. I just loved this so much, I didn't feel the need to. This gives very good coverage. Covers any redness and does a good job at under eye darkness as well.

High End
Benefit Erase Paste
This is my HG concealer! I absolutely love this! I bought one this summer and I probably have half a pot left. I need so little to conceal redness and under eye darkness. It can get a little cakey if you use too much, but I think I've got it mastered! Try this is you haven't yet!!!


Drug Store
ELF HD Powder
I don't use powder everyday, but when I feel like I need a bit, this was the only one I reached for. Even though it's white, it buffs right into my skin, leaving no trace.=)


High End
Graftobian HD Cream Blush palette
Ok, I know some people won't agree that Graftobian is high end, but at $23.99 for this palette, I'm calling it my high end product! I LOVE this stuff! I used this almost every day once I got it. It's extremely smooth and pigmented. This really stays on my cheeks ALL DAY. All of these colors, even the dark cherry glaze, it's very wearable for my fair skin. I can't say enough good stuff about this palette.


Drug Store
Sedona Lace 28 Blush
Ok, can't find this at the drug store, but Sedona Lace has great pricing, so there! =P
I heart this palette! A few of the blushes are a bit similar, but all the colors are great. The only ones I don't use are the extremely light ones and the orange. These have really good pigmentation, and on top of my cream blush, stays all day!

High End
NARS Orgasm
This is my favorite coral blush! I don't even mind the sparkles in it. I can't really see them on my skin. I used this SO much in 2010, but I haven't even come close to hitting pan! This is so pigmented, I just a few light taps to give myself a nice healthy glow! So worth the $26!

Eyelid Primer

High End
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Professional Size
What a great buy! I love this stuff! I can't imagine not using this. I have tried a few other drug store brands and they just don't compare for me. I just wish they would make this packaging permanent. In a million years when I run out of this one, I might have to jump ship and try Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance for the packaging. Please Urban Decay, keep this packaging!!!

Eyeshadow, powder

Drug Store
Sedona Lace 88 Metal Palette
I HEART this palette. I have MANY palettes, but I used this SO much in 2010! The pigmentation is crazy! I think these def compare (most anyway) to my Urban Decay and MAC shadows. The range in this palette is great, but you gotta love non-mattes. I get so many compliments when I use this palette. I wear a lot of the same colors over and over, but enjoy "discovering" new favorites all the time. Again, I just can't say enough good things about this product! LOVE!!!

High End
Urban Decay NAKED Palette
Of course, I know I got this late in the year, but it's an easy winner. I have only 5 MAC shadows, which I like, but this is my second UD palette and just think they are great! All of these colors are so wearable, which I love! I have so much fun with this palette and enjoy watching my favorite beauty gurus show me awesome looks to try with this.


Drug Store
AVON Super Shock Gel Pencil Liner
Alright, alright! I know this isn't drug store, but you get my logic by now!
This is a fantastic liner! It just glides on and is so pigmented. These were only available for a short time in the US, sadly. I just have one, plumful. I love it! I wish the other colors were available here. I know these are available in the UK, so pick one up if you can!

High End
Urban Decay 24/7 Liners
I have three of these: Zero, Bourbon, and Whiskey. I really enjoy all of them! These are great on my waterline! These do tend to smudge though, which is the only thing I don't like. I def set these with powder when I use this on my top lashes. I haven't tried any of the other colors, but I'm mostly a neutral gal, so the ones I have work well for me.


Drug Store
Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black
This is the blackest, blackest mascara! I love the formula and it gives me such thick lashes! This was hands down, the BEST one...not a hard decision to name this my favorite!!


Drug Store
AVON Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact
These are exactly what they say they are---very pigmented! They also don't dry out my lips like some lippes can. There are so many colors but my favorites of 2010 were "Never Nude" and "Magnified Mauve". These are great! I really like AVON lippies.

High End
Graftobian Cream Cup Lipsticks
These are soooo creamy! They have to be the creamiest lippies I've ever used. The staying power of these are really nice too. My favorite is "Kiss me".

Lip Gloss

Drug Store
Cover Girl AmazeMint in Freedom of Peach
I didn't do favorites of 2009, but this would have been it! I've been using this for two years! I love it! The peppermint oil in these is amazing!! It's the perfect name!! I don't care for the unattractive packaging, but the gloss is great. It's not slippery and not sticky! The consistency is great for me! The color "Freedom of Peach" is a great color for my fair skin and makes my look more polished.

High End
LuMesh Magaly Lipgloss
Ah...these are amazing also! These feel even better than the Covergirl, which you know I love. These even feel good after they've worn off! They are very conditioning for my lips also. Colors are great too! I wish I could have alll 5!!!!

WOW! That's a lot of products! Be on the lookout for my next NV Awards list--skin care, hair care, and tools!!!

Stay NV'ious and check out my new youtube channel!

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I love love the CG lipgloss and Maybelline concealer as well :) Thanks for this list - I will def L'Oreal's Voluminous