Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The good folks at Vapour Organic Beauty sent me some goodies quite a while ago. I've been enjoying many things. Here's the next items in my Vapour Organic Beauty series! These are cream eyeshadow sticks!

Two are from the Mesmerize Shimmer Eye Treatment line, Cinder & Ember. The other one is from the Mesmerize Line (which is supposed to be matte--but I can't agree with that--check out the swatches). Here's a bit from the company about these products that I found to be most interesting:

"Mesmerize Shimmer Eye Treatment is a seductive, sparkling eye color that defines and enhances the eyes while delivery hydrating antioxidants to the skin. Like Vapour’s original matte Mesmerize Eye Color Treatment, Mesmerize Shimmer is infused with Vapour’s nourishing, eye-specific botanical blend, including anti-inflammatory Chrysanthemum and circulation-enhancing Horsetail, to brighten and define the lids without the use of harsh chemical adhesives." 

Sorry this pic is a bit on the blurry side--like how my camera picked up the background better than the foreground? Yeah... me neither! Check out the swatches

These are so cute to start! I just love the Vapour packaging! Not only can you recycle it, it's awesome to throw in your bag/purse and not worry about it getting all over your stuff or breaking! It's very nice and creamy is and easy to use. I just swipe my fingertips in a small circle to warm up the product and use my ring finger to apply some to my eyelids. They say you can wear this on your own, so I tried that out one day.

Well...that ended up a mess. It slip-slided all over my eyes and down under my eyes. Not good. So I tried with mineral eye shadow, as suggested. I used some of my lovely Smooth Minerals from AVON that I love. This worked out much better. It kept my shadow on all day and kept it looking nice. I didn't have any creasing either, so whoray!

Here's a some picture of my makeup complete wearing Cinder on my eyelids as a base. The shadow in this one is actually from my 88 Metal Palette from Sedona Lace--probably one of my all time favorite palettes!

At $16 a pop, they are a bit pricey. But the benefits of using organic products outweighs it in my book! These sticks are small (.17 ounces), but a little seriously goes a long way! I think if they made them bigger, they'd probably go bad before you'd have a chance to use it all. I've had these for several months and have hardly made a dent in them.

Overall, I really enjoy these sticks! They are beautiful colors, which I think would flatter most skin tones and they not harsh to your skin/eyes. I know a lot of people are looking for more natural and earth friendly makeup and I think this fits the bill!

Have you tried Vapour Organic Beauty products? What are your favorites?

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FTC Disclosure: I was sent these for review. This is my honest opinion. I was not paid to write this review, or any review for the matter. I am not affiliated with Vapour Organic Beauty.

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