Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As you may have already noticed, I've picked up a ton of things from e.l.f. lately! A few things from the Studio line, but mostly from the regular $1 line. If you haven't tried e.l.f. yet, you should! Now on to the good stuff....

e.l.f. Essentials custom eyes

Luxuriously smooth and silky mineral formula provides eyes with a neutral base and an awakened brightness for a long-lasting wear. Choose your favorite colors that best compliment your unique and beautiful look.

There were really only four colors (out of the 10 they carry) that I actually liked. They are pink ice, mocha, dusk, and moondust. Here's the swatches:

As you can see, these have really nice pigmentation to them! But they are SOOO incredibly soft---and I actually don't like that too much. Why? There is SOOO much fall out with these--especially the darker the ones. That is something they can certainly improve upon.

As you can see, the second one from the right has the magnet placed slightly off, which makes a bit difficult to put in my palette, so not so bad that it doesn't fit. I suppose I can't really fault them for that though, not every one is going to come out perfect.

The e.l.f. one is just a bit bigger than the MAC ones. The e.l.f. shadows have a little eye design imprinted on them. Pretty much as soon as I touched it, it came right off---that's how soft this one is. I do like the colors and I love the price, but these in no way compare to MAC. All they really have in common is the size. But hey, it's not bad for $1.

I do wish they would improve the formula and expand the color range. Perhaps if they do that, I'll pick up more of these. Until then, I'll save my money for MAC.

FTC Disclosure: I purchased these with my own money. I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned. I have never been paid to write a review.


Misskab said...

I agree... they could improve on the formula... I have one myself and wasn't too impress with it...but I love the moondust one as well... it's a pretty color


Wow, these are pigmented, especially for a buck. But yeah, I think the fallout would drive me nuts.

Nicole said...

@Misskab, Yes, moondust is such a pretty color!

@beautiful canvas, Yeah, for a buck, what else can you expect? Although, they used to have these duos (I don't think they have them anymore, but I'm not sure) and they are awesome!!