Monday, April 18, 2011


This is the Hana Air hair dryer! I was recently sent this for review by Misikko and if you want a full review, please check out my youtube channel! Here's some eye candy that you won't see in the video though:

Misikko carries the best flat irons and blow dryers! Check them out!

Misikko always includes amazing extras in the packages!!
Check out the stash...this isn't even all of it! My little girls ran off with the little stuffed monkey, pouches with nail files and hand sanitizers, and two sleeping masks!!

This is too cute! It smells really nice and looks adorable on my vanity!

I actually have one of these flat iron pouches already, but happy to get another one. I LOVE this bow on here. It's just another example of the care the Misikko really puts in to their packaging.

Here's a travel size Hana Shine shield, which is awesome! You only need a tiny amount to protect your hair. There was also a full size Paul Mitchell Sculpting Spray, which is also great! I love it! Misikko also sent me a full size Volumizing Shampoo, but I surprised a friend with it because my hair is so thick, I don't need to add any more volume. I did smell it before I gave it to her and it was heavenly!

This heavy duty tin box didn't include the polishes! But I thought it was the perfect storage solution for my small collection! This is actually supposed to hold a Hana flat iron. I guess he had extra ones and I'm SO glad to have got this!

Such a beautiful hair dryer! Now go check out the review, please! =)

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