Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I recently posted a video and give-a-way of the new Sedona Lace Vortex brushes and Belt on my You Tube channel in case you missed it! Please check out that video and enter there for the give-a-way.

I just wanted to post some pictures here to show you the brushes in more detail!

heart this fan brush! It's so soft and dense. This can be used for polishing your foundation. You can see a video here, from OxfordJasmine if you'd like to hear a bit more! I found this helpful. You can also use this to dust excess powder off your face as well.

This is the large tapered face brush. It is SO soft! I keep running it across my cheeks! I bought a brush like this from Crown, but it quickly lost it's tapered shape. =( Remember to keep the brush guard that comes with it so you can use it after you wash it to help maintain the shape. I would recommend that you let the brush dry a bit first so you're not putting a dripping wet brush into the plastic cover. I just purchased some Brush Guards so I'm excited to keep my brushes looking awesome!

This is a flat top face brush. I tried this brush with liquid foundation this morning and wasn't a huge fan. It is not dense enough to really blend it in like a flat top kabuki. It is great for powder though. I would try it with powder foundation for a nice, light coverage. It's also small enough if you want to use it for blush or bronzer if you are not trying to concentrate it too much.

I LOVE this brush! This you can use in your crease to blend out colors for a really smokey look or under your eyes to blend out concealer. This is the softest eye brush I have EVER had! I wish there was feel-a-vision!!! This brush is nice and dense. Someone asked me if it was a tiny duo fiber brush---it is not. It's just a great dome shaped brush. Everyone needs this brush!!!

This is a great flat brush. You can use it for patting on concealer or cream eye shadows. I have used it for both! This is a great brush to have in your collection. I like that it's not too big or too small.

This is the small smudger brush. I bought something like this from Crown, but haven't really used it too much. It is not as dense and soft as this one. I used it the other day to smudge some foiled shadow on my bottom lashes and it gave a really nice smoked out look!

Please ignore my dirty brush! This is a pointed crease brush. This is great for precisely adding color to the crease! Don't press too hard with this one, as  I find it gets a little pokey!

This is a great blending brush. You can use this to blend out powder or cream shadows. This one is quite soft and works really well!

This is a small angled brush. A staple in every collection! You can use this for either brows or liner!

This is a bent eye liner brush. This is handy when doing your own liner so you don't have to contort your arm trying to get it on straight!

This is the brush I couldn't find while filming the video!! I thought I was going crazy!! *lol* It's the only dual ended brush in the collection. As you can see one side is a great spooli---which by the way is the softest spooli I have ever felt---and the other side is a very stiff angled brush. I would use the angled brush on my brows only. The only thing I don't like about this brush is it's double ended! If you keep this in your brush belt or cup of brushes in bean-bag filling, one end is envitably going to get smushed---but I appreciate the effort to squeeze in one more brush!!

This is the lip brush. I love how travel friendly this lip brush is! I love how you use the cap as the bottom of the brush. Also, it's such a great size. Will accommedate small lips and is also really great for precision! You can also tap onto the center lip with a highlight color for a fuller appearance!

This is the brush belt that comes with this set! I am not a makeup artist, but I will be using this lots come Halloween when everyone wants me to do their makeup! I love how sturdy it feels---sort of like leather. Also, it has the pretty Sedona Lace logo on it but it's like an imprint and not super noticeable. It's not one of those aprons with a huge glaring logo on it, know what I mean? You can fit SO many brushes in here! I can fit all of this set and my regular Sedona Lace brush set and still have room for more brushes!

There are also 4 huge pockets!! You can put tissues or odd size brushes in here!

There is also an adjustable strap so it fits most sizes! It feels really secure and doesn't feel like it's about to fall off!

Well, I hope you enjoyed taking a closer peek at the Sedona Lace Vortex Professional Brushes! If you liked to purchase these, I think I said the wrong price in my video! They are $79.95 right now and Sedona Lace is offering free shipping on order $50 and more!! You are getting 14 brushes and a brush belt for about $5 a piece! Talk about a deal and half! I'm sure this is going to be a best seller and will fly off the virtual shelfs very fast!

Check it out! Also, if you'd like a chance to win this set for free, visit NVious Beauty and follow the rules to win!

I've also got a GREAT Kohana Skin give-a-way running also! Check it out to win my favorite body scrub!!!

FTC Disclosure: This was sent to me for review. I am not affiliated with Sedona Lace. I have never accepted money in exchange for a review. All opinions are honest and my own.


hey_Woman said...

Great review i am so N-V-ious(envious) of the fan brush and tapered face brush. Actually like 8 of them i am NVious of. lol

SilhouetteScreams said...

I like the look of all the crease brushes, especially the duo fibre one. :D

mimi said...

thank you for the review!! The brush set looks like it has EVERYTHING someone needs for applying makeup (: Now I really want to buy it >< It's a really good price for all those brushes but I wish I could afford it!