Friday, May 17, 2013

Lorac Pro Palette

My wonderful hubby bought me the Lorac Pro Palette I'd been lusting after for this past Christmas. I just adore this palette and I use it often. Pictured above is one of my go-to looks recently! Check out the swatches below!

I do hate that the outside of the packaging gets so dirty. It's similar to the NARS packaging in the way it feels. But I do love how compact it is and takes up little space in my collection.

Color at the top of the palette are all 100% mattes! This isn't like a lot of matte palettes that say they're matte and aren't. If you've heard these eye shadows are powdery, you heard right. Even the mattes. That is the only thing I would change about this palette.

From left to right: white, cream, taupe, lt pink, mauve, sable, espresso, black

White: Just as it's named, a white matte shadow. This one is a bit chalky. It's honestly not one that I go to often.

Cream: Again, named it spot on. This beautiful cream is the perfect matte highlight for my skin tone. This one is as smooth as butter dolls!

Taupe: I would have called this medium brown. It's a great crease color. It's darker than Naked from Urban Decay which I love. It gives me more of a defined crease. Smooth as butter too!

Lt. Pink: Yep, it's a light pink alright! I've used this a few times. Smooth texture and blends out beautiful.

Mauve: I love this mauve color! EmilyNoel83 did a  beautiful tutorial with this palette and this color was key! Check it out here! It's a gorgeous look using all matte colors and it's amazing!

Sable: I love this for deepening up my outer-v when I don't want to go black.

Black: You guessed it, it's matte black! This one feels buttery, but I feel like you really have to pick up a lot to really get it to go on smooth. Perhaps it's my brush or technique, not sure. But I rarely go for black unless I'm setting my eyeliner-which I rarely do. If I had to pick a favorite matte black though, it would be Urban Decay Blackout.

From left to right: nude, champagne, gold, lt bronze, pewter, garnet, deep purple, slate

Nude: I love this bright shimmery creamy white for in inner eye highlight!

Champagne: I love to use this shimmery champagne color all over the lid. It's definitely my most used shadow on the bottom row.

Gold: This is a fantastic gold! I do think it looks better on skin tones darker than my own though. Perhaps I can rock it more this summer!

Lt. Bronze: I adore this light bronze color all of the lid! It's very flattering on my blue eyes.

Pewter: The picture doesn't pick up on the beautiful purple undertones of this color. To look at it in the pan it may not seem that special. But boy once it's swatched, it's amazing! I think this would  be an amazing lid color for a super smoked out look for a girls night out!

Garnet: A beautiful warm copper color. I've used this in the crease to make my blue eyes pop!

Deep Purple: I would call this a blacked-purple. It's much darker than Urban Decay's Rockstar that you can see swatched in my last blog post. This is a fantastic color for the outer-v or smudged along the lash line.

Slate: A dark gunmetal. I haven't really used this one admittedly. I do think it's a beautiful color though and will have to find a way to wear it soon!

All of these shimmery colors are amazingly pigmented, though again I have to point out, very powdery! I like to tap my brush over the color so that I can use the fallout on the second eye! ;-)


Overall, I love this palette and when it's used up, I will repurchase! If you already have similar palettes like either NAKED palette, you can probably skip this. But if you are a super beauty product enthusiast like moi, pick it up doll!

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Jennifae said...

I've been meaning to get this, but I've been hesitating. I already have Naked 1 and 2 plus Naked Basics. I can probably dupe the colors with my 80+ Inglot shadows too.