Sunday, June 18, 2017

♥Warm Tone Eyeshadows♥ Part 1

As a teacher, you know I love summers! Especially since we recently welcomed our 4th child, and 1st son, just a few weeks ago! Summer time also means that I have time to blog! I miss it a lot and am going to try to start posting a lot more content here.  If you have any requests, please let me know in the comments below! 

Let's get to it! Warm tone shadows, which are my favorite year round if I'm being honest.  Warm colors have been my hands down favorite for years.  So this week I'll be posting each day one of my favorite warm tone/summer palettes! Here's the first one!

This is my smaller Sephora Zpalette. (Side note: I will not be purchasing anymore Z palettes due to their founder's recent comments on Instagram. Google it if you want the disgusting details.) You can see that some of the colors look similiar, but their finishes are different. Any "true makeup lover" will tell you that they are different! 

The swatches on the right are with flash and the ones on the left are without flash.  I feel like the flash really washes out the picture.   I can make so many looks with the palette and I have a lot of fun trading out pans with my other Z palletes to create my perfect custom palette! 

Somehow I forgot to swatch MUG Poppy--but it's amazing! You can get the color in the pan on your eye or use less for a lighter wash of the color.  The MUG eyeshadows were hands down were the most creamy to the touch with a few exceptions.  Corrupt, and Cherry Cola aren't as creamy as the other MUG shadows, but they are still very pigmented and blend well.  They just take a little more product to be fully pigmented. 

My MAC shadows in here are getting pretty old at this point and I am trying to use them up this year.  I have others in another palette that I'm also trying to get through. I had to swatch Vanilla several times to get it to show up in the swatch.

My Urban Decay shadow is also getting pretty old too.  I had to swatch it several times to get it to show up also.  It's a beautiful color, but I won't be repurchasing it.  Same goes for the MAC shadows too. I just don't think the quality is that good compared to what else is available on the market today.  Makeup Geek shadows are amazing! I would also like to try the Colour Pop pressed shadows too.  And I still have yet to try any Coastal Scents Hot Pots, which I've heard you can get for .99 on sale!  If you have any that you would recommend, let me know in the comments.

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