Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have been loving these Cover Girl eye shadows for a while now. The colors are nicely pigmented, they go on smooth and blend really well. I always use Urban Decay's eye priming potion before applying these so they really do last until you take them off. Pictured above are the 7 shades that I own, but there are 25 colors in this collection. All the shades are divided into two catagories: Enhance and Blast. The enhance shades are the more subtle colors (but still pigmented mind you) and the blast colors are to use when you really want to stand out! These range in matte to shimmer to sparkle finishes.

Here's are swatches of the colors that I have:
From left to right:
Shimmering Onyx, Indigo Impact, Brown Smolder, Forver Fig, Mink, Turquoise Tempest, and Sapphire Sparkle

An upclose look at the colors in the pan:

Shimmering Onyx-Blast shade

Indigo Impact-Blast shade

Brown Smolder-Blast shade

Forver Fig-Enhance shade

Mink-Enhance shade (My favorite!)

Turquoise Tempest-Blast shade

Sapphire Sparkle-Blast shade

The colors shown on the Cover Girl website are terrible if you ask me, so that's why I wanted to post my own pictures here. =) Hope this is helpful to anyone who was thinking about purchasing these. I've blended these with some of my MAC shadows and my BH Cosmetic's 28 Neutral palette and they worked wonderfully!

FTC Discloser:Products mentioned in this post were purchased by me and I am in no way affiliated with any brands or companies mentioned.


ndoodles said...

AHH!! I've been eyeing so many CG shadows - A LOT of them! Not just the singles but the quads and the trios: Mink, Forever Fig, Swiss Chocolate, Brown Smolder, Shimmering Sands trio, Country Woods quad, Drama Eyes quad... Yeah, I'm going crazy debating whether they are worth it or I should save my money on other brands. I have Tapestry Taupe and it is great color... I wish the texture was better though. But maybe I'll try out one or two more to make my decision - they are pretty cheap after all.

NV Beauty said...

I haven't tried any of the CG trios lately--last time I used them (years ago) I didn't really like them. But maybe it's time to give it a go again! =) I think I paid about $3.39 for each of these.

Kalmo said...

Hi Nicole!

Wow nice Cover Girl collection you got there! Thanks for the swatches and up close shots of the eye shadow pans. My favorite is Mink as well, looks gorgeous! Good to know CG are good quality. :)