Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ok, so this is the first time I've tried any "falsies!" I know they aren't perfectly placed, but I think they look alright. They were a little hard for me to put on, even afer watching multiple youtube gurus show me how! But I'm sure with some practice, I'll be a pro in no time!

These are only $1 from ELF, so I figured they would be good for me to learn on. They seem to fit my lid, so I didn't have to cut them. I also didn't use the glue that came with the lashes. I can't remember what glue I used, but it seemed to work just fine. I admit though, I didn't leave them on for very long! They felt a little funny and I was just staying home anyway.

As I mentioned, these are the natural lashes. They also sell dramatic and single lashes; I got two of each kind and I will post my results as I use them. This is something fun I think for going out, not really day to day practical for a stay at home mom--but very fun to play with!

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Kim| Tres Jolie said...

I had these. I actually like these better than the dramatic lash kit. They look good on you

NV Beauty said...

Thank you. I was thinking about wearing them out on my next ladies night! =) What kind are you using now?

EmmaDazzle said...

I really like these lashes! I have a few things i need to order from ELF so I will get them too.

I feel another online shop happening today.

Emma x.x.x

lovejoy said...

I really love those lashes on you! I just ordered some as part of my baby shower prizes - I may have to keep a pair for myself. :o) I love ELF's products. They seem to have improved on a lot of their items since I had first tried them I think back in 2006.

Anonymous said...

WOw can't really beat $1 for falsies! Amazeballs!