Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have never used any cream liners before, so I was really excited to try one! I wasn't sure if this one was going to be "good" or not, being $3 and all, but I think that this one does the job quite nicely. I even really like the packaging. It's all plastic, so there's not much weight to it, but I think it's nice. The liner is really smooth and creamy and I had no problems getting a nice, fine, controlled line on my eyes with this. I set the liner with a dark eye shadow, so I had no smudging at all, not sure how it would do on it's own. I'm assuming it would smudge alone, so setting it with shadow is a good idea. It stayed on all night and came off easily with eye makeup remover pads. **My favorite ones are by Almay** You can find this ELF product at http://www.eyeslipsface.com/ or sometimes I find ELF products at Big Lots and some say Dollar stores sometimes carry this too.

To apply it I used a Bare Escentuals Eye Liner brush ($12) that I forgot to mention in my last review on BE brushes. This is a nice brush that I never really used before so it was nice to find a product to use with it. You can find this brush at http://www.bareescentuals.com/ or places like Ulta or Sephora.

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