Friday, January 22, 2010


A beautiful reader of mine asked me to do a look from the Physicians Formula Blue Eyes Shimmer Palette that I had just reviewed! So here it is!
** For some reason, the pictures look great on my camera, but not so great on my computer. I'll look into that, so bare with me in the meantime!**

Here is what I used:

Almay TLC Foundation, Ivory 01, 120
Bee Luscious Color Correcter
Almay Nearly Naked Loose Powder is Light 100
Costal Scents Contour and Blush Palette

Urban Decay Eye Priming Potion
Physicians Formula Shimmer Palette for Blue Eyes
Maybelline Cool Effect Eye Shadow/Liner Pencil in Midnight Chill #22
MAC LashZoom in Zoom Black Mascara

AVON Posy Pink lipstick
ELF Candy Shop Frosting Fanatic lip gloss

A closer look at some of the products I used:

I used theses two lightest colors on my lid. The lightest one on the inner part and the peachy one on  the outer part of my lid.I used the darker brown one below that in my crease and I used the darkest blue pictured over my creamy pencil eye liner to set it and give it more depth.

Blush, Highlight, and Contouring Powder from Coastal Scents.

I just got this lipstick! It was a little too pink for this look, so I put a layer of Frosting Fanatic over it!


Beautygirl24 said...

You look very pretty =) I love your blog's background by the way!

NV Beauty said...

Thanks! =) I think thelight is washing me out a little bit though, or maybe it's my camera.

It's nice to finally feel settled on a background! I've had several already and my blog isn't even that old!!

Kalmo said...


Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm following yours now and I think it's very nice. You're so pretty! I really enjoyed your comprehensive tutorial on your look. How do you like the Bee L. Color Corrector and Coast Scents Contour palette? I was always interested in buying them in the past.

Your pictures look really nice and crisp!

NV Beauty said...

Thanks so much! =D

I actually didn't like the Bee Luscious color corretor at first, but when I used it again with my Almay TLC foundation, it worked really well. I found it was really hard to blend in Revlon's Color Stay foundation. The Coastal Scents palette is great. I didn't think I'd be able to use the darker blush, since I'm so fair, but it actually looks pretty nice. At least I think so!!

Thanks for checking my blog out!