Monday, January 18, 2010


Color: Fantasy 166

I saw this color on the shelf and thought it was just so pretty! I didn't actually notice from the label that it's actually a lipstain, not a lip gloss. So imagine my surprise when I went to apply it for the first time, it was not creamy at all, in fact--it felt a bit like I was putting water on my lips! Then I finally took the time to read the whole label--something you should do before buy anything!!--I realized what I actually had.

Now, knowing that this is a stain, I feel much better about my purchase. This color isn't too intense, so it looks great when you want a more subtle look. If you wait just a minute for the color to settle, you can easily apply a coat of breath freshening gloss. I like that the color side has a felt like tip and the gloss as a brush applicator.

But even before I put on the gloss, I had really nice, even coverage on my lips--which is a huge plus if you ask me! But after putting on the gloss, which smells just like mint, you get a really nice shine. It's not goopy or stiicky, just really smooth. I will be trying other colors soon!

But as far as staying power, I don't really feel it lives up to the lip stain name. It comes off easily with a tissue. I know other lipstains I have tried were very hard to remove. It stays on better than just a colored lip gloss, but not even close to a "real" lip stain. I still enjoy it though!

You can find these at Walmart for about $6.00.

FTC Discloser:Products mentioned in this post were purchased by me and I am in no way affiliated with any brands or companies mentioned.


ndoodles said...

Seems like a pretty color though :D Too bad not really a stain but at least the coverage and the texture is nice.

Love, Sweetcheeks said...

what a pretty color! not too shabby it seems