Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This is Apricot Glow, a mineral lipstick from AVON. I love love this lipstick!! It's not too intense, yet not pale in the least---does that make sense? I'll have to swatch more colors later!! This is the only one I have, so far, in a full size. It's got pertty good staying power. It's not going to last all day, but for a mineral lipstick, I think this is a really good one. It goes on really smooth is isn't sticky in the least. There are 10 colors in this line ranging from this light apicot glow to dark bronze.

What's also great about this lipstick is it has a SPF 15 built in! Yeah!  It's has nuturing shea butter and conditioning oils to keep lips smooth. It's also dDye-free and preservative-free. Wooray for AVON! This one is good! This is $8 and you can find it here: www.youravon.com/avaladares. Please do not select representative shipping unless you live in Fredericksburg, VA. Shipping is usually about $3 and up--much less than if you bought it from Ebay or Amazon!!

FTC Discloser: I am an AVON Representative. I purchased these products at a discount rate. I am not paid by AVON, or anyone else, to write this review. All opinions are mine.

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