Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I kept seeing this on several tutorials by some of my favorite youtube gurus and I really wanted to have it. You guys know that feeling. You see something that you really want to try, but you resist because you have so much already! You dismiss it and move on. But you keep seeing it and that nagging urge to buy it just won't leave you alone. You guys know what I'm talking about! Hahahaha! =) So I bought it and I have been using it quite a bit for the last two months or so.

Here it is:
I am not a contouring expert and I am still learning to use the contouring powder, but I really am enjoying playing with this palette. I used it every day when I first got it but now I don't reach for it that much. It is a nice palette but I've not quite mastered the technique yet. I suppose I should go back and watch those videos again!

The darker brown powder, as scary as it looks, is actually very light. When I use it I either look like I've got dirt on my face or you can't see it at all--which is why I've got to keep practicing!! I'm confident once I get the hang of it, I will really enjoy it!

The white highlighting powder is really great too. You can make it as intense or subtle as you want. I use it on the top of my cheekbones and in the tearducts. Looks like a natural glow! I especially love that all of these powders are matte!

The two pink blushes on the right end, LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I wasn't sure if they'd be too dark for me, but they are just beautiful on my fair skin!

The other two colors are pretty close to my skin color, so they don't really show up that well. I suppose I could pile it on to get some effect, but who wants to put that much on? Perhaps on darker skin tones they are great? Anyone know?

This palette is $18.95 and you can find it at Coastal Scents! I know there are dups on ebay or you can go to places like BH Cosmetics. I'm pretty sure they are all the same thing with a different name on them. Please correct me if I am wrong. =)

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FTC Discloser: Producs mentioned in this post were purchased by me and I am in no way afflilated with any brands or companies mentioned.


Nocturnella said...

oo I know what do you mean!!I really want that pallet and the sigma nice in pink travel pack hehe after seeing so much people talking about them makes me want them more (:

NV Beauty said...

I am SO lusting after the Sigma travel brushes! I think I'll get them for my bday! **If I can wait till June, that is!!**

Kim| Tres Jolie said...

I was actually looking at this last week contemplating on getting it. Now I think I may. I'm no contouring expert either, but I figure it will be fun learning while playing with it.

Kalmo said...

Thanks for doing a review on this. I was thinking about getting it since I saw it Amazon. The swatches are really helpful but I don't think they colors will show up on me now that you said the contouring color is quite light. :) The pink blushes are very pretty indeed!

JustMe said...

I am not an expert on contouring too, but I posted a picture in my blog, which can be very helpful for you and everybody else,even if you don´t understand what I wrote :o)