Wednesday, February 24, 2010


After reading so many rave reviews and liking Revlon's Colorstay, I thought this was going to be gold for me! I love the bottle, LOVE the pump, and they seem to have a lot of shades for lighter skin. I am usuallly the lightest shade of drugstore foundations, but my Ulta was out of that one. So I bought the next one(Vanilla), which turned out to be too light! Other than the color being off, I have to say...I hated this foundation. I don't know if it's because my skin is so dry, but this didn't work for me in the least. It was very streaky no matter how I applied it; fingertips, sponge, makeup brushes...Nothing worked for me with this. Glad Ulta does returns because this is going back!!

Did this foundation work for you?

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annie said...

after hearing about the shimmer and then reading your honest opinion i just do not want to try this! sorry it didn't work for u... but thank goodness for returns!! i'm staying with my color stay!!

VaidaG said...

I believe the streaking was result of the wrong shade. Every foundation that i bought that was a shade or two too light did streak... Now i'm really torn... i heard so many good things about it, and recently there just this huge thing going on that this sucks... Well, if you didn't liked it, there's big chance i won't either :)

NV Beauty said...

Well, it wasn't just bad because of the color difference though. I thought I mentioned this, but looking back I see I didn't. It's too drying for my already dry skin! It made me look very dry and flakey!!


So I live in the UK atm??? My main question with the US is why the drug store's don't put out testers of their products. Really annoying that this is not available. BUT in the UK they conveniently have testers at most drug stores. HMMM??? Anyway at my local drug store they carry this foundation so I tried a bit on my hand to see if I liked the formula. The texture was nice and smooth but not heavy. However, with the limited range of colors I really couldn't match one to my skin :(
ho hum :(

Miss Nikka said...

After all the hype about this product I went and got it. Im nc37 in Mac and I thought the 008 Golden Beige would be my best match after watching all the reviews on youtube. I love the bottle and pump too! However, it is too shimmery for my liking and the color was too light but I have no choice since the color variety was minimal. I couldnt return it because I got it from a swap so what I do now is mix my revlon photoready 008 and mac studio finish nc40(which was a little dark for me) This worked for me, It matched my skin perfectly and the shimmer became minimal. :)