Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I think these are fun, so here's what's in my purse today!
I love brand name bags as much as the next girl, but with me spending so much on makeup and skin care, I can't! But I love to change purses often, so these kinds of bags work well for me! This is one of my favorite purses! I've had it for about three years. It's from New York & Company. It was about $40 I think and a great buy! I love that's it's woven and it's so soft! Unfortunately, the bottom is starting to come undone! Boowhoo! Anyone know a fix for this?
A closer look at the texture:

The leather (I'm assuming it's real, but I can't say for sure) is so soft! And this bag is big enough to fit anything you need in it. Sometimes it is stuffed and sometimes it's not too bad. Right now, it's not got too much in it.

I love that it has two large pockets on either side that button closed and a large center part with zipper! Let's go inside one of the pockets:

This is what was inside one pocket: Program from a wedding I went too, along with some bubbles from the reception. Some little earrings, hair ties, cell phone, Nivea lip gloss and a dollar! There wasn't anything in the other pocket except some reciepts which aren't at all interesting! Here's the main part:

Here's way too many lip glosses--two are even the same color! Cover Girl Freedom of Peach is my fav!! Also really loving NYX's natural lipgloss as well! Smells just like Cherry Chapstick! Gotta have tissues, hand lotion, lipstick, my wallet, Phillips Go Gear ( I call it my faux-pod), camera case, a little gold pendant my husband gave me that used to be his when he was younger (yeah--that's going to one of those 'we buy gold' places!!), and my Bare Escentuals travel powder compact and Esscence of Beauty travel eye brushes.

These are the Esscence of Beauty travel eye brushes and I actually like them a lot. They are super small but do the job on the run! I still really want the Sigma travel brush kit and it will be mine!! I picked this up at CVS for $9.99.

I really like this little wallet. It's purple faux leather with a reptile print on it. Inside my wallet-which I think it cute but a friend told me it looks like a granny wallet trying to be cute. What do you think? It fits everything very neatly--I never carry my checkbook anymore, but I miss having a little photo album inside my wallet. I got this at 5 and Below for $5!

This is the Bare Escentuals travel powder case. I don't actually use this too often--I've got dry skin and don't need powder too often. But I use the mirror a lot for lip gloss! That's all folks! I usually have two diapers in one of the side pockets when I'm out with my girls!! Hopefully my little one will be done with those soon!! Crossing my fingers!!

One a side note, just wanted to show you my Kiss nails that I have been wearing for 6 days now! Still looking great and NOT ONE has come off!!! Woop woop!!

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Beautygirl24 said...

Thanks for sharing with us! These type of posts are so fun. I carry the same amount of lippies as you do ;)

Kalmo said...

What a cute purse. I love seeing what other ladies carry in their bags. :)