Monday, February 22, 2010


I hope everyone had a great weekend! I went to a wedding this weekend with my family and had a really good time! I tried some new products and wanted to share my thought with you guys. First, I bought another set of false nails by Kiss. I reviewed Kiss Custom Fit Nails before, but I wanted something a bit more dramatic for this weekend. So I went with the Kiss EverLasting French Nails. I got them again in the "real short" lengh because I can't stand very long nails. The white tips on these are much thicker than the other nails I used before. What I love most about Kiss nails is that they do not make my fingertips feel sore, like many other falsies do! They always fit perfect and I have small  nails!! They do have many larger nails in the kit too, so I think everyone can find a good fit. You can see the nails on me in the pictuer with my hubby!!

I also tried for the first time Revlon's Fantasy lengths false eyelashes. They are the self-adhesive kind, so I thought it would be easier to apply. Yeah, not for me! I had to go with my ELF natural lashes because I was running out of time! I didn't even get to take a picture of my makeup for you guys! I suppose I just need to play with the Revlon ones a little more. I'll get another set and let you know when I get the hang of it!

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annie said...

you and your fam are absolutely adorable!!

great post!


Kalmo said...

You look gorgeous and your husband and you are sooooo cute together. The french tips look great.

**AmazonChick** said...

love the pictures, what type of camera do you use

Kate Gene said...

You and your family are so cute!!!! I have been wanting to try those KISS nails for so long! My best friend wears them whenever she has a special occasion coming up. They just came out with some for petite fingers, which is good because I have little kid hands. LOL!