Wednesday, December 23, 2009


 Don't want to pay a lot for great looking nails for the holidays?

I recently picked these up at my local Target store.**I think they were about $6.*** I've tried glue on nails before and while I've always liked the way they look, they always seem to fall off very easily-even when I pile on the glue-and I'm left disappointed. I wanted to go ahead and put these on before Christmas so my nails get used to the feeling of having something on them. You know that sore feeling your fingers get when you put on false nails--glue on or salon nails? I hate that feeling, so I wanted to get that part over with.

So I put these on two days ago and so far I am loving some things and not liking others. I'll start with my likes! I love the length!! I got REAL SHORT. They look super natural. Not that my husband is big on noticing "the little things", but he was surprised that these were false nails. =) Because they are so short, they don't get in the way of anything I need to do.

These also came in lots of different sizes too, which was great! I have smaller nails so there were a lot of options. This kit also had many larger sized nails too, if that is something that you are looking for! I don't know if I should attribute the NO PAIN to the length or the custom fit, but I am loving his aspect!! I feel that they are there, but there really is no pain at all. No sore fingertips or anything. This in itself is enough for me to want to purchase these again!

Now for the things I'm not liking. I have had about 3 nails pop off so far in the first two days. Now, maybe my demanding job as a stay at home mom has something to do with it! I wasn't even aware of two of them coming off, so I can't tell you why that happened. But one did come off when I was digging around in the couch for the remote control. I wouldn't say I'm really "rough" on my nails, so I'm not sure if it's the nails or me. I will certainly be purchasing these again in the future!

If you have tried these, please feel free to share your comments and leave me some tips!

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