Friday, February 5, 2010


I just ordered this a few days ago from Beauty Ticket and I already got it in the mail today! Fantastic! It was packaged up really nice with hot pink crinkley paper inside the box--so cute!

Described by Beauty Ticket: This perfectly portable eye and lip kit is packed solid with six glimmering, glassy glosses and four shimmering, silky shadows. Shades of pearly pinks to sugary caramels ensure you're threateningly perfect -- even on the go!

In the description, it doesn't mention that this is a pocket palette! I was expecting something a bit larger, but I'm still happy with this. Just wish it had said that is all. But for $9.99, I suppose it's not bad. Here's a closer look:

I tried doing swatches, but these glosses just don't really show up! I'll try tomorrow during day light, maybe that will help! Also, the only really vibrant eye shadow is the second from the top. I wish these had names, but I really like all the colors in this palette. The last eye shadow is a bit yellowish for my taste. They are all very smooth going on and blend pretty well. There is minimal fall out with these. I didn't use the little travel brush for the shadows, but the lip brush in here is pretty good. It could be a bit softer, but will do for something in my purse. For the eye shadow, I used my travel size Mark eye shadow brush--very small, applies well. Overall, cute set but probably wouldn't purchase again.

I started playing already! Take a look:

I am also wearing my ELF Dramatic False Eye Lashes!

Right now Beauty Ticket is having 15% off for Valentine's Day!! I applied my coupon and though it said the discount was applied, it didn't show a change in price. It did however NOT charge me tax (company is in CA, so everyone pays CA tax when they purchase from them)--I don't know what tax is in CA, but I hope it's not 15%! Does anyone know? Anyhow, try it out and see what happens!

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annie said...

i live in cali and i think our sales tax is 8.25%... so you got jipped somewhere! cute palette though! they are great to throw in your purse just in case. i have the glamour to go II and will be doing a big post about it soon so stay tuned...

btw cute first look!

ndoodles said...

AWW - you look so pretty w/ that look :D I always get so surprised when the items (like the UD palettes) are a lot smaller than what they look like online.

Love, Sweetcheeks said...

The palette looks lovely on you! and for $9.99, what a good deal!

Happy (early) Valentine's day sweetie!

Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

Hey Hun!! You've been tagged :)