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I'm sure a lot of you have read reviews on this shielding lotion. So I won't go into too much detail about how it works. I'll briefly tell you what it is and mostly concentrate on what it did for my skin and other thoughts on the product.

Basically, "a shielding lotion keeps moisture-robbing irritants away from the skin while the proprietary "super" humectants hydrate the skin throughout the day."

It can be used all over the body and even face. It is very light and absorbs quickly into your skin. I used it most before going into the pool at my gym. I noticed right away that my skin wasn't tight and itchy, like normal, after an hour of water aerobics.

The directions on the bottle say to use every two to eight hours until you see an improvement of moisture levels in your skin. That doesn't seem difficult at all---unless you are me and often get busy with my daily tasks and forgot about my skin! Eeeks!! I put it on in the morning and in the evening. I did see an improvement to my very dry skin, but I think I should have used it more often.

When I was told I'd be receiving a full sized bottle I was surprised to see it was only 4 ounces. This retails for $9.95. I would like to see this available in a larger size. And I'm not talking about buying it buy the gallon, for $294.14!! How about something in the 15-20 ounce range?

There's really not much of a scent to this, if any. Which I like and dislike at the same time! Oh how fickle I can be! I love to slather on lovely scented lotions!! I like the thick, creamy feeling of ones I've used in the past. I suppose after years and years of this habit, it's just hard to break! In my head, I can see that this shielding lotion is better for my skin, but I can help to yearn for old my friends!

Also, on a superficial note--I don't like the bottle design. It's not pretty at all! I suppose it is trying to appeal to both sexes and all ages, but I just want something pretty!! Maybe they could package it in several different bottles and open up their market! Anyone else agree? Am I just being too demanding?

The particular bottle I was sent did not have SPF, which is also a problem for me. But, they do have a lotion with SPF 15 available in a 4 ounce bottle for $25. To me, this a little pricey, but if it works for you and delivers amazing results, why not right?

If you are interested in knowing what is in this lotion, click here!! You will find a very descriptive and informative list of ingredients. I have never seen such detail on a lotion before.

All and all, I think this is a nice product and would be worth buying. My only hurdles, like I said before, is my strong addiction to traditional lotions that don't really solve my dry skin problem! Also, the price for me is a bit high. If they were to offer larger bottles for a more "drug store" price, I think I'd be all over that.

Amber over at SkinMD as agreed to sponor a give-a-way! They usually try to keep giveaways to US and Canada due to some recent difficulties with shipments, but after learning that many of my readers live outside these areas, they have agreed to make it international!! How great is that? Also, be on the lookout for 20% to NV Beauty readers on this amazing lotion!

To enter, you must:
1. Be a follower of my blog, of course!
2. Leave me a comment on why you'd like to win.
3. If you have a blog, please put this in your side bar, or do a post about it. If you don't have a blog, just say so. =)

NOTE: You can leave multiple comments but you cannot copy and paste the same comment. It must be an original comment that is meaningful. Also, do not post multiple comments in a row. Come back to my page later to post. =)

You have one week to enter, so make your entries by March 18th, 2010!

FTC Disclosure: Products were sent from company for review. I am not affiliated with the company and not paid to write the review. These are my honest thoughts.


Jennifer said...

Hi :) i'm a follower of your blog via Google Friend Connect, I'd love to win this because I heard this lotion only uses the finest natural ingredients, meaning there will not be allergies easily !

Sarbeauty said...


great giveaway!

I would love to win this as it sounds great for my dry skin and ive heard such great things about this, and i really would love to try it :)


Elleinad23 said...

Hi! I'm a follower of your blog and I also put your giveaway on my blog:

I would love to win this lotion because first of all, I have never seen it in any stores around where I live. It sounds like a great product, but I don't know if I would honestly buy it because it is kind of pricy for a lotion, but if it works wonders, then I'd definitely be up for it. My legs get extremely itchy and dry in the winter and I haven't found a product that works... maybe this could be it!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Y said...

I would love to win this bottle because it looks so cool and I want to try some! My sis has it but she refuses to let me borrow because it's expensive. i linked onto the sidebar (

Shaim said...

Hello ,
I am a follower shaim
I would love to win cause i hear a great review that it show a great result for psoriasis and i have it , may if its work i will purchase in site order don't think that's we have it in my country


anna said...

I follow :)
i dont have a blog :(
I would like this because i have really dry skin, and i also hate lotion. If i dont find a lotion i love, my hands and legs stay scaly and really really gross. A lot o lotions i have tried leave that gross oily residue on me :(

jbfan&cameos'mom said...

Thanks for a fabulous review and for doing this giveaway. I would love to win this, not for me but for my mother. She is a very busy mom who devotes herself completely to us and therefore gets no time to herself essentially. This sounds like exactly something she would need and if I bought something she would be mad that I spent money on her :(
I would love to win it for and her skin's sake!


aj said...

I'm a blog follower & I love to win this because I'm a lotion addict (:

A_C_E_ at hotmail dot com

hyanne said...

Already an old follower --> Hyanne

I would like to win because I would like to try Skin MD Shielding Lotion to my skin, feel the softness and the moisture to my lonely skin. Partly, I have read so many reviews about this product and those are all good reviews so I also want to experience the "magic".


It's on my side bar-->

olga said...

Please enter me!
I would like to win because I have dry skin and I want to try it!

Thank You!

anin said...

followed u already
i would like to win because i have a very senstiive dry skin and it would be a token if i win

paquiferflo48 said...

I would like to win because today is my birthday!!!!!!



ipehishere said...

Enter Me Please! ! :)
I am new follower via google friend !

win me . coz i wannna tryyyyy MD lotion sooo muchh lol :)

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