Monday, April 12, 2010


I know I've kept you waiting! So we won't wait any longer. I was so happy to see all the wonderful looks you ladies came up with! Everyone did an amazing job. The 2 winners not only did amazing looks, but really took my rules to heart and followed them to the T!

So without further ado....
Here are the 2 winners, in no particular order:

Kim has got skills! Check out her offical entry by clicking her name!

Ms. Laura really turned it out! Love this look girl! So amazing!!! Click Laura's name to see her official entry.

Congratulations ladies! I hope you enjoy your Sigma brush! Just comment as to which brush you would prefer below. Should you both choose the same one, I'll just have Sigma decide who gets what brush--only fair thing I can think. There's an SS186 or SS224 up for grabs ladies! I have both and I use them each daily!!! I will send you both seperate packages this week with your Sigma eyeshadow as well as other goodies!! I hope you like them and please let me know when you get them! Send me your mailing address asap so I can give your information to Sigma!

I thought it would also be fun to give a followers choice award! So that winner is:
I've got a small prize for you Nikki also, so please send me your mailing address.

In addition, I wanted to an additional prize to just one more amazing look:
Love this Lady Gaga/Alice in Wonderland creation! Send me your mailing address as well!

Thank you again to everyone who entered, I wish I had something for all of you! Way to go! I'm going to have more of these in the future, so please check back if you are interested. Have wonderul weeks and until next time....Stay NV'ious!


LauraSummer said...

Wahoo thanks nicole what a fab contest it was. I would prefer the face brush as I have a mac 224 but I wouldn't be too disappointed to get another version, just glad stenciling snake print on my face paid off! Xx

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

Thank you! This is the link to my post