Saturday, April 10, 2010


So just a few days ago I won a give-a-way and it already came via FedEx today!! Wuhu! Thanks so much to Suzanna for such an awesome give-a-way! Here's the loot:

Everything was wrapped up individually in colorful tissue paper and ribbons! It was so cute! I couldn't restrain myself when it came to taking pictures before opening everything!! Had to open it then and there!! My kids grabbed most of the Easter candy straight away! But I got to have a few jelly beans and easter egg gum! =) My daughter Katie already has neon yellow toenails! And the hubby enjoyed a few peeps too!

Thanks so much again to Suzanna! Please go check out her cool blog!

Don't forget to vote for your favorite "Bring you A game" entry! Winner will receive a special prize! Winners will be announced soon!

Until then, Stay NV'ious!


Kalmo said...

Congrats on winning such a lovely prize! Enjoy the nice goodies.

Suzanna said...

Yay you got it! Hope you enjoy doll!

xxx suzanna

Nicole said...

Thanks! I will! =) Can't wait to try everything out!

Nikki said...

congrats nicole!
that looks like a whole lot of stuff! you should do reviews on some :D

annie said...

congratulations dollface! what a fun stash!! :)

♥ Miss Nikka said...

Gratz on winning! Those are lovely prizes! The key ring is cute! :]