Monday, April 26, 2010


"A brow grooming and shaping kit that will help you create a perfect set of arches. Compact contains seven essential tools: Straight edged tweezers, slanted brow filler brush, brow bone sponge applicator, 3X magnifying mirror, brow bone highlighter and two tone-on-tone powders (light & dark) to fill and shape brows. Be your own brow guru, shaping your brows is as easy as 1-2-3!"

I have never been one to really mess around with my eyebrows. I pretty much just pluck away stray hairs in the middle. I've got naturally arched brows and a general good shape. I'm not bragging, just letting you guys know! Even as a little girl, I remember my neighbor's mom would always ask me if my my plucked my eyebrows--what a crazy woman! What mom is going to pluck her 7 year old's brows?!?

Anyway, I recently watched a brow grooming video on youtube and thought maybe I should just trim them a bit. As I said before, I generally like my brows, but thought that I could perhaps give them a bit of oommmph if I did! So I brushed them up and trimmed the longer hairs and it actually came out pretty nice! I don't have my camera with me now, otherwise I'd show you photos.

But getting back to the brows at the inner corner have always been just a bit sparse...just a tiny bit! Probably no one else notices, but when I look at pictures of myself, that's what I notice--that and too much blush sometimes!!

So I started using a bit of brown eyeshadow to fill it in. But when I saw this little kit in CVS, I picked it up and thought it was so cute! It is available in three options, light, medium, and dark. I've got dark brown hair, so I picked the medium one. **You always want to fill in your brows with a little lighter color than your hair!***

This kit has mini tweezers that are actually pretty good, an angled brush, and a sponge applicator. These slide right into it's own little holder that flips up to reveal a little mirror. If you ask me, I think they should have made the lid a mirror because this one is just so tiny! I suppose you're just doing your brows with this, but a larger mirror would have been nice.

Now the powders! They are really smooth and not dry and flakey at all! The hi-lite shade has a nice shimmer to it to really call attention to your brow bone and makes your arch really stand out. I use the second one to fill in my inner corners--which is really all I need. The last powder should probably be used if you need to fill in your outer corners.

It even has directions on how to use the kit on the back if you are unsure what to do!

Overall, I think this is a great little kit that fits in your purse and is easy to travel with. It will take me a million years to go through this, but for $6, when I run out, I'd buy this again!

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Beautygirl24 said...

I have owned this for about a year now, and really like it! I agree with your review!