Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Color: Lustrous Nude
*11 colors available*

"Get 10 hour high fidelity colour with enduring shine in 2 quick and easy steps using Lasting Finish Kiss & Stay Lip Gloss by Rimmel London.

Description.Step 1: Lightweight non-sticky liquid lip colour bonds to lips.
Step 2: unique liquid pearls gloss top coat seals and magnifies colour with a crystal shine gloss effect for the ultimate glass shine finish that will stay put.
At last, a comfortable lipgloss that stays around. "

I kept seeing this at CVS and wanting it, but cringed at paying $8 for it and not being sure I would like it. Yes, I know I can return it at CVS, blah..blah...blah...but I was still hesitant. I just thought this color was so beautiful...trust me, this stock photo doesn't even show how pretty this really is! It is gorgeous!!!  This picture shows it a little more pink than it is in real life.

The base coat is the color of my natural lips, only a few shades darker. It dried pretty quickly and then your lips are ready for the most beautiful gloss!! In the tube, it looks super glittery--which I normally don't like that much--but the glitter is so fine, it just looks shimmery on your lips! The applicator on the base coat is one of those felt ones and the gloss is a brush, by the way! Each give really even coverage.

Once the base coat is dried, your lips look crazy, so you really have to put on the gloss to get a nice moisturized look! I suppose if you don't like the shimmery gloss, you can use something else. But I don't think the base color itself is worth the $8 this cost me.  The gloss is really what does it for me! The gloss is pretty sticky (despite what the description says), but I think that's what holds it on your lips. You'll def need to keep this handy throughout the day!!

Does it last 10 hours? The gloss? No. The base color? YES! In fact, I had a really hard time taking it off!! I used makeup removing cleansing clothes, didn't even budge. I didn't have anything else to try to take it off, so I just went to sleep with it on! It did wear off overnight though. Phew!

I wish I had my camera!! I would love to show this to you better. I will update these blogs without my own pictures next week when I go pick up my camera!! If you see this out shopping, consider picking it up!

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Suzanna said...

looks like something I wanna try!!

xXx S.

Gabriela said...

This product sounds great. I would love to try it :)
I will wait for your swatches!