Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hello ladies! Quick post right now. I just heard back from Sephora regarding my terrible shopping experience at their new store in my town. They apologized for his rudness and assured me he would be spoken to. Also, they are sending me a $50 gift card. So all and all, didn't come out too bad. I'm glad most of all that he will be put on notice that he can't talk to customers that way. It might be "high end" but it's still customer service!!

Also, I'm going to be having another contest very soon! I'll announce it in a few weeks---but it's going to have an amazing prize and you all will be so excited!!!

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Sarbeauty said...

Good to hear you got it sorted out, I hate rude sales asstistants esp at make up counters, they somehow make you feel so stupid sometimes! At least they apologized and also offered you a gift card :D x