Thursday, July 8, 2010


Free Beauty Events sent me some Clearasil products and since I don't have acne, I have no use for it and would be pointless for me to review. I have two products for someone to try and send me a review to post on my blog! They are Stay Clear Oil Free Daily Face Wash and the Ultra Pimple Blocker pen.

I'll gladly send you the products to try and you'll send me your review to post on my blog! I would like for the person reviewing this to be a fellow beauty blogger and in the US. Just leave your comment below that you are interested and I'll pick someone randomly! Obviously, you will need to have a tendency towards breaks outs to review this.

FTC Disclosure: I was sent these items by Free Beauty Events. I was not paid to feature these products on my blog. I have never used Clearasil and can not speak about the quality or results.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I recently started the blog: labels, lipgloss, and life in between and I would love to review these products! I'm 20 and I never really had bad skin until about 8 months ago when my face decided it wanted to break out all the time! I have tried numerous skin routines and still haven't found one to stick to besides using a cleanser on my face at night and using a treatment cleanser in the morning. I also have never tried anything from clearasil. The link to my blog is so just let me know if you would like me to review this.


lipton|TEE said...

I would love to review these products, I've been having trouble with my skin since high school and now I'll get random break outs.

Heather / Eyeconic said...

Count me in for this. :/ My skin has been AWFUL lately.

jayecess said...

i would love to review this...ive been having really crappy breakouts lately....i hope this would work....

What about me? Well... said...

I would LOOOOVE to review this for you! I have had a blog for a little while and really love doing it! I like testing out new products, reviewing them, and just generally trying out new things. I've tried a ton of different skincare products, so I definately have experience doing new things/sharing my experiences.

check out my blog if you want to get a feel for what i do

happy blogging,