Sunday, July 11, 2010


So I found my first gray hair today! Eeeks! I went right to Rite Aid and purchased this little box of Nice'n Easy, color 117. I also just felt like doing something different with my hair color:
Here goes...before:
I followed the directions to the T. I waited 20 minutes and rinsed my hair and here's what I initally got:
WTFreak? Why did my roots turn out so freakin' light???? I thought, ok...let me dry it and see how it looks then. Hmmm.....
See how light it looks here? I wouldn't have such a problem if ALL my hair was about the same color. But isn't this a bit drastic? Or am I being paranoid? How long do I have to wait to color it again? Not soon enough!! Help guys! What should I do?


susies1955 said...

I think it looks ok. You could call a beautician to find out how long before you can do it again. I've heard some gals do it again right away if they don't like it.
I colored my hair just ONCE and I turned it ORANGE. Glad I work part time in a beauty shop taking care of cleaning for her. She fixed it right away.
Have fun.

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susies1955 said...

OH and I know that my hair dresser applies the color to my roots first. Did you do that?

Julie said...

that's happened to me before.. because my hair was dyed dark, my natural colour at my roots was lighter, so if you dye your hair a lighter colour than your previous dye it's going to dye lighter at the roots and stay darker at the length. which it looks like has happened to yours. It doesn't actually look bad on the photos so you could get away with it as it is, it's up to you. it's hard to say without seeing you face to face but when i did this and I didn't like how mine personally turned out.. i waited just a day and then re did it. maybe try a shade lighter than your actual lengths so it blends in? what i have always done too is if i want a lighter colour all over but my hair is dark, i've had to go to a hairdressers to get them to do it. I think they strip out the dark colour and then put in the lighter one, well that is what they have done in the past with mine. But personally now i'm growing out my previous colour and staying to my natural colour with is a dark ash blondey/mousey colour.

Hope this all makes sense!!!
your hair does look fine from the photos though :)

great blog by the way! Love reading it

Jules :)

Nicole said...

The thing is though, I haven't colored my hair in at least a year. The hair color I got said it was for dark hair. :/

I also put it on the roots first, but I think that's why it came out crazy!!

If I pull my hair half back, it's ok. But I still want to color it again!! I suppose I should wait at least two weeks though?? I hope I can hold out that long.

JillieCat said...

Hair dye fades fast so always go a shade darker than you want it to look. Within a week it will be the perfect color. Also, Do your roots first, wait about 5 minutes, and then start on the rest of your hair. Wait about 2-3 days before you dye your hair again so your scalp has some time to gain back its moisture. I've actually had hairdye messups and redyed the next day and nothing bad happened.

Red said...

I don't dye my hair, so I can't help. I think it looks ok in the pictures though.

I've tagged you in my latest post, too. ;-)

Princess Naked as a Jay Bird said...

Hey Nicole! It's Krista. I've actually been using this exact color for about a year and a half now every 6 weeks or so and I love it! I've learned though... I leave it on for a lot longer than what the box calls for. My natural color is an ashy medium brown and I use this to really warm it up. I actually do about 25 minutes on my roots and then another 10 - 20 minutes after that for the rest of my hair. Call me crazy but it gets me what I want. Mine is a lot closer to the box. Sometimes mine is a bit darker than the box depending on how long I leave it on but within 3-5 days it'll always fade back to match the box. As for being lighter at the roots. This type of color is made to have highlights built in so in different light, your hair will come across having hints of different colors. Hints of red really shows through on mine.

Please don't completly give up on my girl #117 yet as she is a trusted beauty friend. You just have to play with her a bit to see what works for you. ;0) Hope that gives you a little more insight!

Nicole said...

Krista, as in Krista Sue? =)

My hair is dark brown, so I just thought it really odd for my roots (which haven't been colored at all in a VERY long time) to be the lightest! And it's very patchy, so I'm not sure what I did wrong. I started with my roots, so I'm so lost. I don't know if I want to play with her again, but we'll see. It wasn't so bad this moring and I actually got some compliments at work today.

The way I wear my hair doesn't really show the parts that are so light, so we'll see.

Thanks for all the comments everyone!

Veronica said...

Like the above comments, this happens to me all the time too. My roots ALWAYS turn out lighter than the rest of my hair and i hate it. But i usually have my hair tied up so its not so noticeable. But to me, your hair looks just fine =]

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Fashion-rocks said...

I think your roots look fine.