Sunday, August 8, 2010


I had been lemming for these hot rollers for so long! I finally got my hands on them.....

First, product details:

  • Tourmaline + Titanium + Ceramic Coating for superior heat transfer and wear resistance

  • Locks in the hairs natural moisture

  • Incredible Lasting Frizz-Free Shine

  • 20 velvety soft flocked rollers

  • 8 medium 1" rollers

  • 12 large 1" rollers

  • Easy-to-use hinged comfort clips

  • Cool touch end rings for quick rolling

  • Ready dot indicates rollers heated & ready

  • 90 second heat up

  • On / off indicator light & switch

  • Integrated cord storage
So I eagerly roller my locks and here's the results:


All rolled up!

And the results:

I'm not sure what happened to my picture from the front--sorry! But it wasn't really what I was looking for! I think I need larger rollers. I tried to roll my hair loosely, but I just didn't get the effect I wanted. BUT...these rollers got really hot, but didn't burn my hair. They are easy to use and heated up quickly. The curls lasted a really long time too...2 days! But for me, as I said before, these aren't the curls I'm looking for. So...this went back to Target and I got my $35 back. I spent it on my little haul I showed you guys! I do recommend theses if you want smaller curls though! If you've tried it, let us know how it went!

Stay NV'ious!

PS-Latest AVON give-a-way winner announced tomorrow!!!


Dizzy said...

looks cool!

Kate Gene said...

I have been wanting hot rollers for awhile now. My Mom used to use them in my hair when I was a kid. I want to get some so I can make really large, loose curls.

Your hair looks pretty here!

Anonymous said...

That's cool. Thanks for posting this. I have been debating buying hot rollers for a while, but haven't committed yet to any.