Tuesday, September 7, 2010


"Finally, we can wear button down shirts without any peek-a-boob! Peek-a-Boob Strips eliminates the gap between buttons on your favorite shirts, hides bra straps, secures wrap style skirts & shirts, conceal necklines, or just a quick fix for a hemline. So put the safety pin away ladies, now we have Peek-A-Boob!"

When I was asked to try this product I thought, "Ok, I'll give it a go." but wasn't really that excited about it. I have some button-up shirts and cardigans (yes, I know it's summer, but it's cold at work!!) so the next time I reached for one of these I went ahead and slapped a few of these babies on. It was another one of those long days I've been talking about lately, so I knew this would be the perfect test. I am happy to report that these were super easy to use, stayed on my sweater all day, were easy to remove, and didn't ruin my sweater at all! I've worn them a few times now and I am SOLD. Just one little tin (which is adorable by the way) has 30 little strips! I'm definitely going to be buying these when I run out! I've already had people tell me they want them! Where can you find these? The NV Beauty Boutique, of course! Check it out, they're only $8!

I also used these on the hem of one of my trousers and actually forgot to take it off before I washed them--no damage!! Wuhu! I am really impressed with Peek-A-Boob!! Have you used these? Did you love them?

FTC Disclosure: This was sent to me for review. I was no paid to write this. This is my honest opinion. All photos property of Peek-A-Boob!


globetrotter said...

Loving the blog! Keep up the awesome work! :) If you're interested in fashion, maybe you can check out and join my blog www.cardinalmess.blogspot.com ~ I just started so there isn't a whole whack of stuff.

But I'm loving all your reviews! :)

Nicole said...

Thanks so much! I'm following you now. =)

missy_ellie_uk said...

This is a great idea, I will definitely have to see if I can get some of these! I usually have to mess around with pins to stop my shirts gaping!


Tomi // mytigerlily Makeup Blog said...

I'm still a little bit confused.. how exactly do these work?

Nicole said...

@Tomi...you peel the paper off one side of the strip. Put it on your shirt where you want to keep it from gapping. Then you pull off the other side of the stripe and press the fabric down on top of that. This will keep your shirt from gaping or you can also use it to temporarily fix a hem that has come un-done. I hope that didn't confuse you more. Did that help?