Sunday, September 19, 2010


You guys know I adore Soap & Glory and I can't wait for their stateside return!!!! I recently wrote to SG letting them know how much I love their products and can't wait to try more! So the lovely Gwen was sweet enough to send me an amazing package with lots of SG goodies to tide me over until their return!!!

So here is the first item I wanted to review for you guys. I have loads of followers in the UK and surrounding areas, so if are lucky enough to be able to purchase them, check this one out!

"Mix-and-match multi-shade bronzer for beautifully luminous skin. FREE brush and Mirror included!
Enough to glow around
Sweep the brush lightly over the bronzer, then dust onto your face, neck and d├ęcolletage for instantly sun-kissed skin. (Get into the habit of applying a high SPF sunscreen first, and you might appear tanned and glamorous for years without ever developing a wrinkle)."

Can you say, "Gorgeous!"? Inside are two matte, yes...I said matte, bronzing powders and the adorable Soap & Glory Log on it. The logo is brushed with pink sparkling powder...which sadly is just on the top, after you sweep it once, it's gone. Boo whoo. *hahaha*

It's also got a bottom that pops open and store a brush inside:

I haven't used this and probably won't. It seems to me it would do in a pinch, but might not blend out as much as I would want. I've also got travel brushes, so I'll probably stick with those.

I tried doing swatches for you all, but this is really such a light bronzer and my lighting isn't the best, it was hard to get a decent picture. Sorry! I will post a picture soon with the bronzer on my mug! Do you have this? Do you love it?

FTC Disclosure: These products were sent to me by Soap & Glory. I was not paid to write this review. This is my honest opinion. I am not affiliated with this company.


Ms. Katherine said...

I love the Soap and Glory brand. The products are amazing and seem to work really well! I've given some of the items as gifts...the moisturizer is so rich and creamy! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

SilhouetteScreams said...

This looks SO pretty :3