Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is the Pixi Eye Beauty Kit, No. 1 Minimum

1. soft baby pink, 2. light peach, 3. crystal white, 4. camel brown, 5. medium mink brown, 6. rich bitter chocolate brown, 7. deep milk chocolate, 9. black with silver.

Ok, so even though the first four colors don't have a strong pigmentation...I actually really like the way they come off! Very natural and they have the most wonderful glow!! Now, the last four shades have better pigmentation, but as you can see, they aren't very smooth and don't blend as well as I would like. I'll have to play with these more and post pictures for you guys.

The palette itself is really slim, which is great to throw in your purse and go. There's also a nice mirror inside and a double ended brush. I haven't actually used the brush and I don't plan to. One side has shorter bristles and the other has longer ones. They are actually pretty soft, but these won't give precise application. I suppose I could use it for an all over sweep of color.

This is the Pixi palette I bought clearance at Target for $7 in my haul post! I love to get a good deal! This is originally $28.00. I think it is very over priced unless you catch one of these sales. Even though I enjoy some of these colors, I doubt I'll purchase another Pixi palette. Do you all have any of these? What do you think of them?

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FTC Disclosure: I purchased this with my own money. I was not paid to write this. I am not affiliated with Pixi Beauty.

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michelle anne said...

I was browsing Targett and came across a pixi shadow that I love but honestly could never pay that amount of money for it. It was like 18 bucks, thats crazy. It was a pretty color, but it doesn't seem like anything special. Especially thier powder. It felt a little weird in texture to me, and it was 30 bucks. I was like what the heck, not worth it. At all.